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Grin and bare it

The Parish in Framingham 2006 calendar
RIT grad Lynn Damianos was the photographer for a revealing project.

Inspired by the movie Calendar Girls, a dozen members of First Parish in Framingham, Mass., decided to create their own celebration of the beauty and talents of older women.

They chose Lynne Damianos ’81 (professional photography) as photographer. She said the tight timetable was more of a challenge than the unusual subject matter. All of the photos had to be completed in one month.

“Faith Waters (Ms. May) was going in for hip replacement surgery the Tuesday after our first meeting, so we had to photograph her within two days,” says Damianos.

Damianos, principal photographer and owner of Damianos Photography in Framingham, started her business more than 25 years ago, when she was still in high school. “We specialize in photographing architecture, products and people – with their clothes on! I also teach a variety of photography and Photoshop-oriented classes and consult individually or with groups of individuals or businesses. Within the past four years, I started exhibiting my personal work, which I call ‘NatureScapes’ and ‘BuildingScapes.’ ”

Last year, Damianos worked with the Holliston and Framingham public high schools as a photographer-in-residence on a project titled “Comunicating Architecture Past and Present.” The group received a Model Technology Integration Grant by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

“We wrapped up that project in May with an exhibit at both schools and presentation of hand-bound books to groups such as the historical societies, town halls, libraries,” she says. “I’m hoping to be involved in more projects like this in the future.

For more information about Damianos and her work, visit www.DamianosPhotography.com. For more information about the calendar, called “Celebration,” go to www.fpfcalendar.org.