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NTID student chosen to lead Student Government

Lizzie Sorkin
Elizabeth Sorkin addresses first-year students and parents during orientation convocation.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sorkin, 24, a film/video and animation major, is the 2006-2007 Student Government president. She’s the first deaf student government president of a U.S. college comprised of mostly hearing students.

“One of RIT’s many assets is that as a community, we embrace diversity, not just talk about it,” says Sorkin, who prefers to use American Sign Language.

Sorkin, of Elk Grove, Calif., served as NTID Student Congress president, where she led the effort to hold regular pep rallies and social gatherings to create a new sense of community within NTID. Her father, Kenneth Sorkin, graduated from NTID in 1974.

Born hearing to deaf parents, Sorkin became deaf at a very young age and attended mainstream schools her whole life. She chose RIT because, she said, of the mainstream environment as well as exemplary support services offered.

“My dad encouraged me to attend the Explore Your Future career exploration summer program, where I met other peers who I could relate with,” Sorkin explains.

Sorkin has earned many academic honors as well as awards from several film festivals for her short movie, Don’t Mind? She spent spring break 2006 in the Philippines co-presenting a workshop to deaf students and visiting elementary school children.