RIT/NTID Alumni Featured in Seattle Theater Production

George (played by alumnus Ryan Schlecht), right, in

RIT/NTID alumni Ryan Schlecht and Elizabeth Ayers Gibson recently wrapped up an Azeotrope production called “Sound.”

Written by award-winning screenwriter Don Nguyen and co-directed by Howie Seago and Desdemona Chiang, the play opened on September 11 and completely sold out its opening weekend at ACT theater in downtown Seattle.

Sound is a bilingual play that focuses on Deaf culture and the debate over cochlear implants. Ryan played fisherman father George, and Elizabeth played Mabel, Alexander Graham Bell’s wife. 

This production was significant, says Elizabeth, because it was the first time deaf people were directly involved in an ACT theater production.

Technology was also incorporated into the production, with subtitling provided on three sides of the stage for non-signed scenes. At least one night featured a fully-subtitled performance for deaf and hard-of-hearing non-signers and deaf-blind patrons.

More information about the production can be found here.