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An RIT/NTID Center of Excellence for Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Foundations of Math Performance by Deaf and Hearing Students

Foundations of Math Performance by Deaf and Hearing Students

This project seeks to enhance our understanding of the underpinnings of mathematical performance by hearing and deaf students. Of particular interest will be possible interactions among language fluencies, sociocultural expectations and motivation, specific cognitive factors (e.g., working memory, executive functioning), and metacognitive functioning related to mathematics. The project addresses five primary goals:

  • characterization of the development of emergent mathematical skills,
  • assessment of the contribution of developing cognitive resources to mathematical achievement in students aged 5-25 years,
  • determination of how student and family perspectives on the importance of mathematics achievement interact with cognitive skills in the development of mathematical abilities,
  • determination of how language fluencies contribute to mathematical proficiency,
  • exploring means of optimizing learning of mathematics in the classroom.