Communication About Accommodations

RIT Provost's letter to Faculty/Staff about working with students with disabilities


Sample Instructor Announcement about accommodations and/or post in syllabus:


RIT is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with additional disabilities. If you would like to request accommodations such as special seating, testing modifications, or note taking services due to an additional disability (not deafness), please contact the Disability Services Office. It is located in the Student Alumni Union (SAU) Room 1150.


After you receive accommodation approval and receive your Disability Services Agreement (DSA), it is important that you see me during office hours so that we can work out whatever arrangement is necessary.


Students - Communicating about your accommodations with your instructors:


Your instructors will receive your DSA from DSO on RIT email.


Set up a time to meet with your instructors privately to discuss your accommodation needs before or on the first day of class so your instructors will have time to make any necessary adjustments in the classroom.

  • Bring a copy of your Disability Services Agreement (DSA)
  • Let your instructors know if there will be any extra service people as listed on your DSA (like: voice, close vision/tactile interpreters, note takers, or scribes) coming to class to assist you, so they can make sure there are enough seats.

Continue regular communication with your instructors throughout the course to make sure things are going smoothly.

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