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FAQ for Students

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If you have a disability in addition to deafness, you can choose to request academic adjustments or modifications from Disability Services Office.

There are two pieces of information needed. First, you need to submit a request form. This can be found online here. Hard copy can be found at DSO and can be requested to be mailed. Second, you need to provide documentation of your disability. This can be a psycho-educational evaluation, or maybe a doctor's letter, depending on the disability. (Generally, high school IEPs or 504 plans are not accepted) Refer to this page for more info.

No, RIT does not offer evaluations on campus. If you wish to get evaluated, contact your primary care physician and/or discuss other options with your NTID counselor/academic advisor.

Go to the Disability Services Office, SAU-1155

Email - Susan Ackerman at
Telephone - (585) 475-6988 (Voice only) (if needed, can use video relay service)

When making the appointment with the director, discuss the best mode of communication for your meeting. This can include assistive technology or requesting an interpreter.

A copy of your Disability Services Agreement (DSA) was sent to your instructors at the beginning of the semester. It is suggested that you speak to your instructors about your academic adjustments during their office hours so you have time and privacy to discuss your needs. You are not required to tell your instructors what your disability is.

It is best to keep communication open about your academic adjustment needs throughout the semester with your instructors to ensure that your needs are being met.

If you are unsure about how to communicate with your instructors about your DSA, you can contact Susan Ackerman at or talk with your NTID counselor/academic advisor.

Check with your instructors to be sure they have received your DSA from the Disability Services Office. Discuss with your instructors how to set up the recommended academic adjustments. If you are not satisfied, discuss your concern with your instructor. If needed, you can discuss this with your NTID counselor/academic advisor and/or the RIT Disability Services Director.

Yes. You may decide that you need to change the academic adjustments you originally were offered. You can talk with the RIT Disability Services Director and discuss your needs. You may have this conversation at any time while you are a student at RIT. Your requested changes may require additional documentation.

If you are not satisfied with your services, you can login at the RIT myaccess website. Scroll down and on the right column, you will see “Problems Reporting" Click and report the problem. Other options are to contact your NTID counselor/academic advisor and/or RIT Disability Services Director. They can guide you to the appropriate person to assist you in resolving your concerns.

Sometimes, while you are in college, you discover that you have an additional disability which is impacting your education. You can discuss this concern with your NTID counselor/academic advisor.

You can submit a request for academic adjustments or modifications through the Disability Services Office website. The request form can be found online here.

Documentation of your additional disability is required, refer to this page for more information on documentation.

If you have questions, contact the RIT Disability Services Director:

Susan Ackerman at, (585) 475-6988 (V) (if needed, can use video relay service)

Tests can be administered in the classroom if academic adjustments can be offered or the Disability Services Office test center can be used. For information about the use of the DSO test center: