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Vision Support Committee

The NTID Vision Support Committee was established to provide resources and support for deafblind students. Our services include:

  • Support for deafblind students
  • Referrals to appropriate NTID personnel and technology resources
  • Consultations on deafblind student issues
  • Who to contact about access issues
  • Support for faculty and staff working with deafblind students
  • Recommendations to NTID Administration regarding continued support of deafblind students
Kiersten Blankley
Director, Student & Academic Services at NTID
NTID Disability Liaison
Office: LBJ-2591
585-475-5285 V/TTY
Erin Clegg
Coordinator Student Life Programming
Student Life
Office: 55-1211
Lisa DeWindt-Sommer
Counselor/Academic Advisor
Office: LBJ-2776
585-270-7557 VP
Rebecca Kingman
Audiologist I
Communication Studies & Services
Office: LBJ-3117
David Krohn
Interpreting Coordinator-Non-Academic
Interpreting Team for NTID, CAST & KGCOE
585-475-6298 (V/TTY)
Laurie Mousley
Counselor/Academic Advisor
VSC Chairperson
Office: LBJ-2295
585-286-4632 VP
Kathleen Szczepanek
Instructional/Support Faculty
Business Studies
Office: LBJ-2783
585-475-6875 TTY
585-286-4670 VP
Rhonda Voight-Campbell
Access Services Project Specialist
Interpreting Team for SCB & GCCIS