Raising and Educating a Deaf Child

International experts answer your questions about the choices, controversies, and decisions faced by the parents and educators of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Question from J.H., Rhode Island

Hi! I am a teacher for the deaf in RI. I am looking for articles on the long term effects of hearing loss on education performance. This actually is for a friend who is a parent of a hoh 11th grader and has to face a team at her local school who is saying things like “oh she listens when she wants to” and “she can hear just fine with out FM” all this despite a mod bilateral hearing loss, bilateral hearing aids, and an FM recommendation from the audiologist. She is looking for articles that speak to the affects of hearing loss on educational performance for high school aged students.

Question from J.H., Rhode Island. Posted January 9, 2012.
Response from Center for Education Research Partnerships - NTID

Unfortunately, this is a much bigger question that can be answered in a single article. There are two books currently available in paperback (or used@Amazon.com) that would be inexpensive and useful. The first probably more so, because it has more information on older students, but the second one also has a lot of relevant information (despite the name) and was written for parents. The second one also is available in many public libraries.

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