Raising and Educating a Deaf Child

International experts answer your questions about the choices, controversies, and decisions faced by the parents and educators of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Question from C.W., Georgia

My 17 month old daughter will be having her second CI soon. Her therapist recommends that she only listen and NOT sign or use hervision. I want her to know how to sign as well as use her CI. I am trying to teach her as I learn. I have bought several books but i feel like I should learn from a person not a book/ dvd but I’m having trouble finding someone to teach me in my area. Do you know of anyone in my area that teaches sign language?

Question from C.W., Georgia. Posted June 22, 2012.
Response from Susan Easterbrooks - Georgia State University

Specifically for your area, West Georgia College is likely a good place to find continuing education courses, including American Sign Language. More centrally, however, if your daughter is 17 months old, she should be in the Georgia PINES project (parent infant network). The PINES teacher would be able to help you both her learn signs. If she is not already in PINES, you can get more information at http://www.gapines.info/whatmodels.htm.  PINES also offers a deaf mentor project so you should have the opportunity to work with and learn from a deaf mentor.