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Henry Kisor, M.S.J.

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Mr. Henry Kisor retired as book review editor of the Chicago Sun-Times June 2006 after 42 years as a journalist with major metropolitan newspapers. He became profoundly deaf at age 3 1/2 from meningitis and was orally mainstreamed from kindergarten through high school and college (Trinity College, Connecticut). He holds an M.S. degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. He is the author of six books, all issued by commercial New York publishers, including What's That Pig Outdoors: A Memoir of Deafness (published in 1990; to be reissued in a new edition by the University of Illinois Press in 2010), and continues to write a series of mystery novels set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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Writing in the Mainstream: A Deaf Perspective
Jan 14, 2010, 7:00pm
CSD/SDC 1300 Building 55 at NTID/RIT

In 1990 Mr. Henry Kisor, at age 50, published his memoir of deafness, What's That Pig Outdoors? The wide reception from critics and readers changed his life, turning him from a diffident wallflower into a confident public speaker and leading to five more books, three of them novels. Along the way he developed new understanding of what it has meant to be a deaf writer and editor in mainstream America during the last 20 years, some of it heartening and some of it discouraging - and all of it amenable to professional coping strategies, some of which he shared in his 2009-2010 lecture. How can one make one's writing appeal to the ear as well as the mind and address it to specific audiences? This workshop discussed sophisticated as well as general audiences and how to approach them. It also offered tips with a few exercises.