Choosing a Career

Career Resource & Testing Center

At the Career Resource & Testing Center (CRTC) your student can get answers to a variety of career-related questions:

    • What career fits me?
    • What potential jobs could I get with my major?
    • What websites and resources are available to me to learn more about careers?
    • How can I learn about my own work interests, values, and skills?
    • What’s my personality type and what jobs match my type?

Students can complete self-assessments and research college majors and career opportunities in the CRTC. Then they can work with their counselor/academic advisor to interpret that information and incorporate it into their academic plans. Every deaf or hard-of-hearing RIT/NTID undergraduate student has an assigned counselor who can provide personal, social, career and academic counseling services.

Our newest online career assessment tool is called Focus 2. This instrument offers students an opportunity to do a comprehensive self–assessment and it enables students to see occupations and majors that fit their profile. A bonus is that the Focus 2 summary report informs the student of specific majors at RIT/NTID that match the student’s self-assessment results.

The CRTC is located on the second floor of Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall (LBJ), Room 2607. For more information about the CRTC, contact Bill Moore at