Studying Photography in Italy

Last summer, eight students accompanied by retired RIT/NTID professor Antonio Toscano, educator and artist in the field of photography, spent three weeks immersed in Italian culture and exposed to Italian Sign Language and Deaf culture. They all were participating in a credit-bearing photography course that offered the opportunity to use a camera lens as a microscope to see previously unseen things, to look inward and adapt to an unfamiliar culture and practices.

“In Siena, Italy, students learned to use photography as a tool to communicate their personal interactions with Siena and its people,” says Toscano. “It was an invaluable experience.”

 “It was life changing,” says Helen Yu, one of the students who made the trip. “I had a magnificent experience learning about cultural diversity, tasting interesting varieties of foods, meeting with Italian deaf people and more. Learning about a different culture allowed me to evaluate my own from a different perspective.”

See students’ images of Siena.

An informational session for the next study abroad opportunity in Siena is scheduled for February 28 in SDC, Room 2102. For more information about that and other upcoming study abroad opportunities, contact Dr. Denise Kavin at

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