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Barbara Polle

Barbara Polle is the Coordinator of Student Financial Services at NTID.

Financial Aid Reminders

If your student receives support from Vocational Rehabilitation in your state, be sure to remind your student to give his or her VR counselor copies of grades and registration schedules at the end of each semester so that VR payment authorizations for your student are not delayed. Your student can give both you and VR access to information that will allow you to view your student’s billing statement, schedule or grades; set up a payment plan; or make online payments.  Your student must grant you access to his/her account, and once access is granted, you will receive an email from RIT to set up an account for this purpose. This access to student grades, schedules and bills is a great resource for VR counselors as they consider support for your student.

Also, when you are completing your 2013 tax forms, please do remember to fill out the FAFSA for 2014-2015 based on your 2013 tax return. You may want to use the data retrieval tool in the FAFSA application to link your IRS tax return right to your son or daughter’s FAFSA forms.

If you have questions, contact us at 585-475-6864 (voice) or email NSASAID@RIT.EDU.