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Choosing a Career

Career Resource & Testing Center

At the Career Resource & Testing Center (CRTC) your student can get answers to a variety of career-related questions:

  • What career fits me?
  • What potential jobs could I get with my major?
  • What websites and resources are available to me to learn more about careers?
  • How can I learn about my own work interests, values, and skills?
  • What’s my personality type and what jobs match my type?

Students can complete self-assessments and research college majors and career opportunities in the CRTC. Then they can work with their counselor/academic advisor to interpret that information and incorporate it into their academic plans. Every deaf or hard-of-hearing RIT/NTID undergraduate student has an assigned counselor who can provide personal, social, career and academic counseling services.

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RIT/NTID Students accepted into high-tech business accelerator

Team MotionSavvy, one  of the winners of RIT/NTID’s 2013 Next Big Idea innovation competition, are taking their big idea to San Francisco to continue their work with Leap Motion on a program that will enable deaf and hard-of-hearing people to use sign language to activate new technology, just as Siri can react to a voice command. The team will work on developing an application that will enable their device to translate sign language into words and sentences. Read more here >>