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NTID President’s Holiday Message

It’s the end of the fall semester, and we’re looking forward to the holiday break, followed by the intersession, and then spring semester. Intersession, or Tiger Term, as we also call it, offers a number of opportunities for students. Some will take a Tiger Term class on campus to fulfill a course requirement. Others will travel abroad and pick up a few credits in Italy or other sun-filled locations. Some will work; some will look for co-ops; and others will just have fun on their break. And then spring semester will begin with new academic challenges and fun times with clubs, organizations, student government and student life events. At each step along the way of this annual cycle, your students learn and grow and move ever toward that life success we know awaits them.

At this time of year, I always like to reflect on the year past and ponder the potential challenges and successes of the coming year. I am proud of the the work your students have accomplished and the opportunities they have taken advantage of. I’m grateful for the support you have given them, and I thank you for entrusting RIT/NTID with the opportunity to work with them. May you and your family relish every minute of the holiday season and enjoy a happy and healthy new year.