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Share Achievements on Merit

Encourage your student to share achievements through Merit. Merit lets students share their successes — such as making the Dean’s List, joining a club or fraternity, studying abroad, getting a job and even graduating — with their friends and family through their social media networks. Each RIT student has a Merit profile page. More

It’s Baseball Season and … did you know?

45_45_300As the baseball season begins, the fields are prepped, uniforms readied and players practice everything from the bunt, to the slide, to the hand signals. Did you know that the hand signals used in baseball were created by a 19th century major league player who was deaf? William “Dummy” Hoy is the player credited with developing the well-known hand signals of “out”, “safe”, “Strike” and “Ball” still used in every ballpark in America today.

As the baseball season gets underway, our RIT Tiger Baseball team returns home from the RussMatt Invitational in Central Florida to play a pair of doubleheaders this weekend against Liberty League foe University of Rochester. Both doubleheaders will be played at the University of Rochester and are scheduled to take place on Saturday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 12 p.m.