Club Goals

Business Studies Department faculty member Mike Kane and NTID Student Life Team Director Dan Millikin established the Ellie Rosenfield Personal Finance Student Club to help educate students about financial issues. They named the club in honor of Dr. Ellie Rosenfield, former NTID associate dean for student and academic services. Rosenfield, who passed away last year, vigorously promoted opportunities for personal growth among students and alumni.

"The club's goal is to educate deaf and hard-of-hearing students about personal financial topics of their choice," says Kane. "We meet once a month to discuss whatever students need help with, and we invite guest speakers who are knowledgeable about financial literacy and related topics such as banking, credit card use, mortgages, bankruptcy, insurance needs, etc."

The club's advisors are happy to share their experiences and knowledge on this topic with students. Kane teaches accounting, personal finance and payroll-related courses for NTID business students, and Millikin taught consumer education and economics at New Mexico School for the Deaf before joining RIT/NTID.

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