Mike Kane: FacilitatorMike Kane: Facilitator A member of the NTID Business Studies department instructional faculty since September 2006, Mike Kane has taught accounting-related courses to students pursuing associate-level degrees.  Classes taught by Kane include Accounting I, Accounting II, Accounting III, Accounting IV, Financial Accounting I, Personal Finance, Payroll & Spreadsheet Applications, and Microsoft Office Excel Certification.  Kane holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from RIT and two graduate degrees in administration (Gallaudet University) and education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students (RIT).  


Dan Millikin: FacilitatorDan Millikin: FacilitatorDaniel Millikin is the Director of NTID Student Life Team.   One of Millikin’s goals as the SLT Director is to promote financial literacy awareness to NTID/RIT deaf and hard-of-hearing students.  Millikin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (RIT), took graduate studies in Economics at American University and earned a Juris Doctor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School.  Prior to assuming the Director position at NTID, Millikin taught Consumer Math, Financial Literacy and Economics to deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students at New Mexico School for the Deaf for two years.  Millikin revamped the consumer math and financial literacy curriculum and raised financial literacy awareness to high school students.  Millikin had also conducted research on  financial literacy resources and publications with higher education and secondary education publishing companies, state and federal governmental agencies and non-profits. 

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