This Web site is designed to help students improve their skills at solving mathematics word problems.

Learning how to solve word problems is an excellent way to improve your logical thinking and organizational skills. These are valuable skills in the work world and everyday life. Organizing information and analyzing the relationships among the information are very important skills needed for living successfully in a technological world. This is what "problem solving" is all about.

Two things are very important for developing problem solving skills:

  1. Guided learning to help you focus on the right information
  2. Repeated practice with a variety of both similar and different problems

We offer you many types of problems to practice and provide many kinds of "HELP" buttons to guide you through each problem when you need assistance.

The "help" buttons that are provided to guide you through each word problem include:

What is the problem asking for?
What information is given in the word problem?
What other information do you need to know or calculate?
Definitions are provided for key vocabulary or explanations of important terms used in the problems in order to help you increase your understanding of the word problems
Animated illustrations or other graphic representations are provided to help you visualize the word problem.

After you understand the word problem, you should go ahead and solve it. Then type your answer in the window labeled "Your Response" and click on the button.

After you have submitted your answer by clicking on the Submit Response button, the correct answer will appear along with a button.

The Show Me How button will give you one example of a step-by-step procedure for solving that specific word problem. However, there are often several ways to solve problems, and we only show you one way. The correct answer can be solved using different approaches.


Watch a sample problem to see how the site works. DEMO 1

Now see what the help buttons can do. DEMO 2

This Web site allows you to work on developing your math word problem solving skills ANY TIME of the day and ANY PLACE you have a computer linked to the Internet.

We hope that you find the PROJECT SOLVE web site helpful and enjoyable.

Please tell your friends about it.

We also encourage you to share this web site with your math teacher.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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