Teachers and Parents,

Whether you are teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing students in high school or in a college environment, you are likely looking for information and resources to help you enhance the mathematics word problem solving skills of your students. The purpose of PROJECT SOLVE is twofold:

  1. To provide deaf and hard-of-hearing students (or any other student who shares similar learning needs) with a large bank of mathematics word problems to solve with guided help. The "Help" we provide is based as much as possible on what we know from educational research about the linguistic and experiential factors which explain why deaf and hard-of-hearing students struggle with a variety of math word problems. [For more information on the guided help and to see a quick demonstration, click on the link for students].

    The PROJECT SOLVE item pool includes a variety of mathematics word problems for students to practice in the following categories:

    A. Arithmetic

      - Fractions

      - Variation

      - Percents (fractional and decimal)

      - Averages

      - Conversions

    B. Algebra

      - One variable problems

      - Two variable problems

    We developed the word problems in the PROJECT SOLVE item pool by reviewing the types of word problems on several standardized tests as well as from high school textbooks.


  3. To provide mathematics teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students with the opportunity to use PROJECT SOLVE as an additional practice resource within the context of their own courses.

    You can also contribute to the item pool of the practice word problems or suggest improvements in the guidance help menu by contacting us using our email link.


The PROJECT SOLVE web site, developed with funds from the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), has a companion Web site funded by the National Science Foundation. The Clearinghouse On Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science (COMETS) offers many kinds or resources for math teachers, including:

  • A workshop (extensive informational page) summarizing research with deaf learners in math word problem solving

  • Suggestions for instructional emphases to enhance "True Problem Solving" skills (with an explanation of how this differs from the more traditional drill and practice instruction

  • Discussion Boards for math teachers

  • Free electronic newsletter with regular updates on the Web site development as well as other relevant inform


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