National Directory

Learn where to find these alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services...

  • Staff trained in American Sign Language and Deaf culture
  • Closed caption equipment, TTYs, and Deaf- appropriate videos and printed program materials
  • Multilingual staff
  • Interpreters for mainstreamed sessions
  • Twelve Step programs accessible to the deaf
  • National clearinghouses for materials to use with deaf clients

Updated, information and new resources, with fax numbers and websites are included. The new format, in larger type, allows you to see at a glance how many deaf clients each resource has served.

If you're deaf, use this directory to find the services you or someone you care about needs. If you counsel deaf clients, use it to locate a treatment program in your state or a neighboring state, or to consult other resources for information and materials to create your own services for the deaf.

Namesort icon City State, Province, or Territory Type
Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center Cleveland Ohio (OH) Program/Clinic
Clitheroe Center Outpatient Service Anchorage Alaska (AK) Program/Clinic
Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii Honolulu Hawaii (HI) Program/Clinic
Colorado West Recovery Center Glenwood Springs Colorado (CO) Program/Clinic
Communicare Clarksdale Mississippi (MS) Program/Clinic
Community Center for the Deaf Youngstown Ohio (OH) Program/Clinic
Community Counseling Center of Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada (NV) Program/Clinic
Community Counseling Services Starkville Mississippi (MS) Program/Clinic
Community Outreach Program for the Deaf Tucson Arizona (AZ) Program/Clinic
Community Substance Abuse Services San Francisco California (CA) Program/Clinic
CONNECT Counselling Services, The Canadian Hearing Society Toronto Ontario Program/Clinic
COPE Behavorial Services, Inc. Tucson Arizona (AZ) Program/Clinic
Crossroads Managed Care Systems, Inc Pueblo Colorado (CO) Program/Clinic
Crouse Hospital Syracuse New York (NY) Program/Clinic
D.A.Y.B.R.E.A.K. Inc for Deaf Decatur Georgia (GA) Program/Clinic
Dallas Intergroup Association Dallas Texas (TX) AA Locale
Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Services Nashville Tennessee (TN) Program/Clinic
Deaf Addiction Services at Maryland Baltimore Maryland (MD) Program/Clinic
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center, Inc. By and For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fresno California (CA) Program/Clinic
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Greenville North Carolina (NC) Program/Clinic
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community Counseling Services Richmond Virginia (VA) Program/Clinic
Deaf Community Services Fairbanks Alaska (AK) Program/Clinic
Deaf Hope, Incorporated Kansas City Kansas (KS) Program/Clinic
Deaf Independence Program VCIL Montpelier Vermont (VT) Program/Clinic
Deaf Independent Salisbury Maryland (MD) Program/Clinic
Deaf Outreach Center Little Rock Arkansas (AR) Program/Clinic
Deaf Service Center Jackson Mississippi (MS) Program/Clinic
Deaf Services Program Anderson South Carolina (SC) Program/Clinic
Deaf Services Program Simpsonville South Carolina (SC) Program/Clinic
Deaf-Blind Program and Supported Living Program New Orleans Louisiana (LA) Program/Clinic
Dekalb College Program for Students Who are Deaf/Hard ofHearing Clarkston Georgia (GA) Program/Clinic
Delaware Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Wilmington Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Delta Central Office Stockton California (CA) AA Locale
Delta Community Mental Health Services Greenville Mississippi (MS) Program/Clinic
Department of Health Division of Behavioral Health Cheyenne Wyoming (WY) Program/Clinic
Dillon-Marion/Dillon County commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Dillon South Carolina (SC) Program/Clinic
Discovery Huther-Doyle Rochester New York (NY) Program/Clinic
Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Department of Social and Health Services State of Washington Olympia Washington (WA) Program/Clinic
Division of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Department of Health and Social Services New Castle Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Taylorsville Utah (UT) Program/Clinic
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Connselor for the Hard of Hearing Wilmington Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dover Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Newark Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Dover Mental Health Center Outpatient Program Service James Williams State Service Center Dover Delaware (DE) Program/Clinic
Drug & Crime Data Center Washington District of Columbia (DC) Clearinghouse
Drug Abuse Info & Treatment Referrals Rockville Maryland (MD) Clearinghouse
Drug Information & Strategy Clearinghouse Washington District of Columbia (DC) Clearinghouse
Edwin Shaw Hospital Akron Ohio (OH) Program/Clinic
EOB Treatment Center Las Vegas Nevada (NV) Program/Clinic
Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Buffalo New York (NY) Program/Clinic