Interview Room Set-up

Below is an example of setting up the interview room to make good use of one camera. Notice a few things about this arrangement:

  • This is for a right-handed candidate; the candidate sits on the right and the interviewer on the left. This is best for viewing the candidate's signing and, especially, fingerspelling.
  • The camera's main capture is of the candidate; however, it's pointed in such a way that it will also capture the interviewer's facial expressions. This helps the raters judge the quality of the interaction. In particular, it allows the raters to know when the candidate's signing is not clear to the interviewer.
  • Behind the candidate is a clock. The interviewer can glance at the clock discretely to help judge both the overall length of the interview and the three segments (work/study, family, and leisure activities/hobbies).
  • There are no alligators anywhere in the interview room.

These details are discussed in Paper 6: Angles and Other SLPI Recording Guidelines in Training Notebook Section 7.

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