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Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
Photo of sign classroom with instructor signing to faculty/staff class
at The National Technical
Institute for the Deaf

SLPI in Holland

From Geoff Poor: In February, I spent two wonderful weeks in Utrecht, Holland at Hogeschool Utrecht. Hogeschool Utrecht is a Dutch university that has a large program for:

  1. Teaching Dutch Sign Language (Nederlandse Gebarentaal, or NGT), with about 400 students.
  2. Training interpreters.
  3. Training NGT teachers.

I began to develop, along with with Dr. Beppie van den Bogaerde, a faculty member and researcher, the NGT Functional Assessment (NFA). This has so far included the following:

  1. Creating the NGT Rating Scale (this is basically the SLPI rating scale without the + levels).
  2. Aligning the NGT Rating Scale with the Common European Framework of Reference, "a practical tool for setting clear standards to be attained at successive stages of learning and for evaluating outcomes in an internationally comparable manner", produced by the Council of Europe.
  3. Translating some SLPI documents into Dutch (Dr. Bogaerde).

I also had the delightful experience of teaching ASL to a class of NGT students.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Hogeschool Utrecht: Front


Hogeschool Utrecht: Side


NGT Functional Assessment Familiarization Workshop

These are the wonderful HU faculty participants in the workshop. I'm standing at the far right.

Standing in back, left to right, are Adde West, Christina Bloed, Lieke Kielstra, Andrea Heimenberg, Annieck van den Broek, Miranda Deijn, and me.

Sitting in front, left to right, are Henny van der Neut, Eveline Boers, and Beppie van den Bogaerde.


Hans Post and Henny van der Neut: These are the HU program's Managing Directors who organized my trip. They did an absolutely spectacular job. Thank you!