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Note: The following is from Frank Caccamise and Bill Newell.

Recently we sent Geoff a January 2011 updated edition of SLPI Notebook Section 7 (Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the SLPI) for uploading to www.rit.edu/ntid/SLPI and we encourage you to review this document when time allows.

Many people have contributed to this document with their questions and creativity,
including Bonnie Lyn Barker, Katie Bechtold, Keith Cagle, Carrie Cobb, Barbara Curtis, Gayle DeVille, Mickey Jones, Janice Knauth, Sarah MacDonald, Cinnie MacDougall, Belinda Montgomery, Jean Parmir, Anne Potter, Geoff Poor, Vince Samar, Tracie Snow, and Stacey Suprenant, and numerous (other) SLPI Workshop participants and SLPI Team members and we extend my thanks to them and others who have contributed with their questions and comments.

For those of you who take the opportunity to review our updated edition of Section 7 we encourage you to consider how ‘all of us’ may continue to provide appropriate updates to Section 7. For example:

1. In PAPER #12, Support for Local SLPI Teams and SLPI Team Training, we support the benefits of local SLPI Teams and local SLPI training. We also state that there has been a recent increase in requests for SLPI services and training to be provided on a non-local basis and we state that considering developments in technology we are now more open to this. Given this, we are in process of collecting information from colleagues providing remote SLPI services and we hope to share this information with you in a new PAPER in the near future.

We have developed a format for reporting currently implemented processes for providing SLPI remote services and would be happy to send this to you if you are providing remote SLPI services. (We may be contacted via email (frank8144@gmail.com and wjnewell00@comcast.net.)

2. PAPER #14, Sign Language Assessment of Students and ASL Assessment Options, includes information about recent efforts to adapt the SLPI for use with elementary age FSDB students. Any additional information/updates for this PAPER would be most welcome. Please send these updates to Frank at frank8144@gmail.com.

Thank you for your consideration of the above and we do trust that SLPI Notebook Section 7 continues to answer many of your questions about the SLPI.

Note: Other recently updated documents we encourage you to review in this SLPI website include the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) policy and the FSDB annual report.

Section 7

It looks great! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Thank you.

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