Video Examples: Interviewing Strategies
  1. Your goal is to bring out the candidate’s best ASL. You are the candidate’s ally.
  2. Model ASL for the candidate. This means:
    • Don’t code-switch to more Englishy signing.
    • Mouth movements must match natural ASL signing.
  3. If candidate doesn’t understand:
    • Repeat the question just as you signed it the first time.
    • Repeat, but more slowly.
    • Re-phrase the question with ASL syntax (don’t change to English syntax).
    • Rephrase again…slow down…etc.
    • Do not use more fingerspelling
  4. NEVER show frustration. NEVER. No, not even then.
  5. 20 minutes, three topics.
    • Work
    • Family/home/bacground
    • Hobbies/leisure activities
  6. Beginning the interview
  7. Challenging, follow-up and probing questions
  8. Changing topics
  9. Ending the interview
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