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Photo of sign classroom with instructor signing to faculty/staff class
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
at The National Technical
Institute for the Deaf

ASL Training and Evaluation (ASLTE)

ASL Training and Evaluation (ASLTE) administers two major efforts: the Faculty and Staff Sign Language program (FSSL); and Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) services for RIT/NTID faculty and staff, NTID Master of Science in Secondary Education students, and other Rochester Institute of Technology faculty, staff, and students as appropriate. Both the FSSL and SLPI programs are part of NTID's commitment to three fundamental principles: basic courtesy in communication with others, equal access for all regarding the open flow of information within the RIT community, and sensitivity and respect for all cultural and individual differences and the variety of communication approaches. Information on the SLPI is on other pages within this website. Information and registration for FSSL classes is here.

-ASL Group Instruction, Tutoring, and Classroom Observation are closed for this semester-