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Photo of sign classroom with instructor signing to faculty/staff class
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
at The National Technical
Institute for the Deaf


Who can take the SLPI?

  • NTID faculty applying for tenure and promotion
  • NTID faculty and staff documentating annual appraisals
  • NTID faculty and staff developing communication plans or working on professional development
  • Students in the Master of Science in Secondary Education of the Deaf program (MSSE)
  • Groups in the RIT Community (e.g. Campus Safety) who have SLPI levels built into their job expectations

I am planning to apply for tenure or promotion in the fall and want my SLPI results included. When should I take the SLPI?
During the previous academic year. Interviews conducted during fall semester will not be rated before the tenure and promotion portfolio deadlines.

SLPI services are not offered in June, July or August.

When and how often can I take the SLPI?
As often as you like, subject to available slots and the priorities immediately above. However, there is not likely to be any improvement shown in SLPIs that are taken less than a semester apart. Registration is announced through Institute-wide e-mail and takes place online at

Will my interview tape and results be kept confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality is maintained for all people during all phases of the SLPI process. OCAS will not reveal any information about your SLPI without your permission.

What about research?
Candidates are given the option to sign a document permitting their SLPI's to be used in research, evaluation and training activities. If permission is granted, interviews are securely and confidentially stored. If not, interviews are stored for one year, after which the recordings are erased. You may also request that the record of your SLPI be expunged. In this case, we will erase the tape, and remove your name from the record of the interview in the OCAS database.

I still have questions, who do I contact?
Geoffrey S. Poor
Office of Communication Assessment services