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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Teaching With Technology

What kinds of technology are teachers using in the classroom that really supports the learning experience for deaf and hard of hearing students?

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Steven Sweet
Civil Engineering, College of Applied Science and Technology
Photo of Steven SweetHi, my name is Steven Sweet, I’m a student here at the College of Applied Science and Technology. The one class I’ve experienced right now was using like Adobe Professional Meetings Chat Room, so different group members on-line, long distance can electronically chat, send documents, different sharing for information that we are using for group projects for our class. It’s a good program so far, I’ve never really used it before so experiencing and touching it, it’s interesting. I enjoy it so far. It’s positive, but some of the other technologies is Smart Board, using iPad, just for kind of like access you know for communication or just technology in general.

Sara Gluck
Biology, College of Science
Photo of Sara GluckI'm Sarah Gluck, I'm biology major in the College of Science. I had a professor once, it was a huge lecture hall and there was a lot of background noise, and the professor had a microphone and would record his lectures. The microphone was right here so you would just hear his voice and that was it. And he would post his lectures on-line and I would be able to re-listen to it. It would be like listening to it for the first time, but I would be able to understand everything. So that was something I only experienced once. It was incredibly helpful. And I’ve also had teachers post their own personal notes on-line or give them to me and that’s been really helpful too, because sometimes note-takers in class aren’t great. But definitely PowerPoint’s and having notes on there and being able to tell me these websites you can go to for more information, or these chapters in the book, trying to give me as many information outlets as possible really helps.

Chelsea Bruha
MBA, Saunders College of Business
Photo of Chelsea BruhaHi, my name is Chelsea Bruha, I’m an MBA student here in the Saunders College of Business. I would say having materials everywhere really helps. By this I mean providing the Powerpoint slides before class so I can print it and have it ready for class so that I’m not trying to look at the interpreter get the information, write it down, missing information when she is still interpreting things like that. It helps a lot when I have stuff ready. Also, not only mentioning, oh you have homework due tomorrow on the board and writing it down, but also on myCourses and in different areas so that in case I missed it if I was looking down and I wasn’t paying attention to the interpreter, I can at least find it someplace else. I think the availability of information is so important.

Candice Matthews
Mechanical Engineering, Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Photo of Candice MatthewsI’m Candice Matthews, I’m a mechanical engineering student from the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. I have some teachers that will actually post examples up on myCourses on-line and that’s extremely helpful, so I can in my own time go back up, and go step through step through the problem to know that I understand the material and to double check myself.