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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Working One-on-One With Faculty

If you need to speak to your instructor after class or during office hours, what strategies do you use to successfully communicate your message or question?

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Steven Sweet
College of Applied Science and Technology
Photo of Steven SweetHi, my name is Steven Sweet, I’m a student here at the College of Applied Science and Technology. Myself I’m very oral so I can speak, so communicating is not a problem. Second I’ve noticed and I do occasionally myself, some of my professors have very strong accents, so it’s difficult for me to understand and they know it too. So we tend to write back and forth or if I go to their office hours we just go back and forth on paper. It’s clear, there’s no misunderstanding. Sometimes a word he’s trying to say might be different than what I thought, but they’re very flexible, very nice, they’re willing to work and most times after class usually they have a white board so it’s easy they already have a marker, it’s not like you have to erase. It’s simple to write and explain, so it’s nice that way.

Tyler Swob
Applied Math, College of Science
Photo of Tyler SwobHi my name is Tyler Swob and I am a 3rd year applied math major in the College of Science. If I need to talk to my professor after class and the interpreter is not there, I would simply write my question on a piece of paper and hand it to the teacher to look at. I’ve used that strategy for a long time and it’s worked well.