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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Survival Signs

A digital video collection of survival signs.

1 SurvivalSign: Good morning Good morning
2 SurvivalSign: Good afternoon Good afternoon
3 SurvivalSign: Good evening Good evening
4 SurvivalSign: Welcome to class Welcome to class
5 SurvivalSign: That's good That's good
6 SurvivalSign: Right Right
7 SurvivalSign: Wrong Wrong
8 SurvivalSign: Excuse me Excuse me
9 SurvivalSign: Sorry I'm late Sorry I'm late
10 SurvivalSign: Thank you Thank you
11 SurvivalSign: You're welcome You're welcome
12 SurvivalSign: Sorry Sorry
13 SurvivalSign: Please Please
14 SurvivalSign: Can I help you? Can I help you?
15 SurvivalSign: Do you have any questions? Do you have any questions?
16 SurvivalSign: Questions on the homework? Questions on the homework?
17 SurvivalSign: See you next week See you next week
18 SurvivalSign: See you tomorrow See you tomorrow
19 SurvivalSign: See you later See you later
20 SurvivalSign: Have a nice week Have a nice week
21 SurvivalSign: Again Again
22 SurvivalSign: Have a nice weekend Have a nice weekend
23 SurvivalSign: Come to my office Come to my office
24 SurvivalSign: Can I see you after class Can I see you after class
25 SurvivalSign: Make an appointment Make an appointment
26 SurvivalSign: Syllabus Syllabus
27 SurvivalSign: Handouts Handouts
28 SurvivalSign: My office hours are... My office hours are...
29 SurvivalSign: Test time left (5,10,15,20...or write on board) Test time left (5,10,15,20...or write on board)
30 SurvivalSign: My email is... (then write it on the board) My email is... (then write it on the board)
31 SurvivalSign: Your textbook (show book) Your textbook (show book)