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RIT administrators experience life as students

20 Jan

Rochester Institute of Technology administrators are gaining a new perspective on the student campus housing experience. Twenty RIT decision makers, including RIT President Bill Destler and NTID President and RIT Vice President and Dean Gerry Buckley, are participating in the Student Government’s “REAL RIT Challenge”—a three-day, two-night immersion experience in the RIT apartments. RIT’s newest “students” have had to master campus transportation—learning how to figure out shuttle bus schedules to arrive at campus on time, as well as to off-campus excursions to local retail destinations. Participants are still attending work, but all free time must be spent interacting with students.

This is the second time that RIT Student Government has offered the program. Two years ago, the program focused on living in the residence halls with roommates. This year, the program draws attention to the experience of students living in on- and off-campus apartments, with an emphasis on using campus and public transportation.

Read their blogs as they go through real life student experiences.

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