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RIT/NTID student spotlight

26 Jul

RIT/NTID students Courtney Kellogg and Victoria MacPherson both are Biomedical Sciences majors in RIT’s College of Health Sciences and Technology. Learn about their study abroad experience to Croatia and how RIT is preparing them for their future.

Thousands turn out at Cowboys Stadium for RIT’s 28th Big Shot photograph

27 Mar

More than 2,400 volunteers pitched in to capture this spectacular image of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas--the largest domed stadium in the world.

More than 2,400 volunteers pitched in to capture this spectacular image of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas–the largest domed stadium in the world.

People from across the country and around the world came together at the world’s largest domed stadium on March 23, 2013 to help make Rochester Institute of Technology’s 28th Big Shot photograph a success. More than 2,400 volunteers, including RIT faculty, staff and students who traveled to Texas from upstate New York and alumni from the area as well as across the country, provided the primary light source for the Big Shot image while RIT photographers shot an extended exposure with Cowboys Stadium completely dark for the first time in its history.

Since RIT started its Big Shot project in 1987, university photographers have captured such landmarks as The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas; the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York City; and the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. More.

Meet the NTID Student Ambassadors

17 Jan

Admissions_COMP_3Wonder what it’s like to be a student at RIT/NTID? What are classes like? What can I do on campus? You probably have a lot of questions about college and our student ambassadors are here to assist you!

Our ambassadors work closely with the NTID Office of Admissions and are the students you will see giving campus tours, participating in open houses and generally representing the best of our students at RIT/NTID. All lead busy lives inside and outside the classroom. Meet these students and follow their blogs and get insight on what it’s truly like to be a student at RIT/NTID.

Ebikes for rent on RIT campus

27 Oct

RIT students, alumni, faculty and staff now have a green alternative to driving or taking the campus shuttle: they can rent electric bicycles. Riders participating in a pilot study starting this month will offer feedback before the formal launch of the fleet is held in the spring. RIT is believed to be one of the first campuses in the country to offer electric bicycle rentals. The bikes were built as a result of an NTID Innovation Grant, and several RIT/NTID students earned co-op credit for designing and building the bikes. More.

RIT/NTID student cycles for a cause

30 Aug

RIT/NTID student Tyler Swob, an Applied Mathematics major from Escondido, Calif., spent 60 days this summer riding a bike across America for Journey of Hope, an organization of Push America that benefits those with disabilities. Swob traveled nearly 4,000 miles, averaging about 70 miles per day. Read more about his story.