An International Symposium
Technology and Deaf Education

Exploring Instructional and Access Technologies

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Monday June 25, 2001
  Formal Sessions
Beth CarlsonShared Texts, Negotiated Meanings: Perspectives On the Computer Mediated Communication of Postsecondary Students Who are Deaf (M330C)
Patricia DeCaroProject Inclusion (M130B)
Barbara DiGiovanniIntegrating your Social Studies lesson plans using technology in the classroom (M330A)
Lisa Elliot, Ph.D.Using C-Print to Support Learning in Secondary and Postsecondary Settings (M230C)
Donald P. ElyFacts and Fallacies About the Future of Technology in Education of the Deaf (M9A)
Harold JohnsonA Redesign of Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Through Technological Innovations and Collaborative Activities (M10B)
Ronald KellyWeb-based Guided Practice to Improve Math Word Problem Solving (M10C)
Cynthia King, Ph.D.Gallaudet Online Learning Solutions: Portals, Course Tools, and Implementation (M11B)
Luanne KowalskiExploring Career Opportunities Using Technology (M130D)
Mardi LoetermanCornerstones Approach to Literacy Development (M230D)
James MalloryPopular Electronic Conferencing Use and Comparison (M11D)
James MalloryAdequate Testing and Evaluation of On-Line Learners (M230A)
Bonnie MumfordTechnology Used to Support Sign and Spoken Language Development (M130E)
NTID/RSD Distance Learning TeamDistance Learning Pilot: Physics and Mathematics
Part I; Part II To Continue At 11:00 (M10A)
NTID/RSD Distance Learning TeamDistance Learning Pilot: Physics and Mathematics
Part II; A Continuation of A 10:00 Session (M11A)
Shelley PopsonInnovative Technologies Applied in an Integrated-Curriculum Unit (M330D)
Linda Siple, Ph.D.The Design and Use of a Language Facility for the Instruction of Sign Language Interpreters (M10E)
Rosemary StifterIntegrating Technology into Literacy: Digital Video Dictionary (M11C)
John Thompson, Ph.D.Online Learning: A Learning Medium for Everyone (M130A)
Simon TingIdeaTools: Rapid Development Tools for Creating Interactive Multimedia - Enabled Courses on the Web (M230B)
Mei Yeh-KennedyA Study of Current Models of Online Learning for Deaf Learners (M130C)
  Poster Sessions
Joyce BrodyLearning Geography via Virtual Travel (M14P)
Paul CraigWeb-Based Curriculum Development for Chemistry and Biochemistry Using IdeaTools (M12P)
Alan CutcliffeUse of Graphic Design Principles to Enhance the Learning Process (M3P)
James DeCaroPostsecondary Education Network International Project (M10P)
Lori ElliottThe Intellikeys Alternative Keyboard Solution (M6P)
Linda Gottermeier A Web-Supported Course for Deaf College-Aged Students (M4P)
Diane KleinUsing Electronic Portfolio to Demonstrate Academic and Pedagogic Competencies (M11P)
Harry LangClearinghouse On Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science (COMETS): A Web-based Resource for Inservice and Preservice Teacher Education (M9P)
Dino LauriaHow are Teachers for the Deaf Using the Internet to Educate K-12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students? (M5P)
William Newell, Ph.D.Supporting ASL Learning through Interactive CD Rom Technology The American Sign Language Vocabulary CD (M7P)
Brent PittUsing HyperStudio to Enhance Language and Reading Instruction (M1P)
June ReevesMicrosoft Office ASL Project: An Interactive Resource for Teaching Deaf Students Technical Information (M2P)
Melanie UpdegraffCaptioned Media Program (M8P)

Tuesday June 26, 2001
  Formal Sessions
Ken CarterInnovative ways of using ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to improve literacy and communication skills for deaf learners (T11B)
Susan Cooper"Manguage" Class - Where Math and Language Meet (T330B)
Mary EllsworthStrategies for Assessing the Impact of Technology in the Online and Distance Learning Teaching/Learning Process (T230D)
Ken FintonNTID Learning Consortium (T11E)
Geoff FreedAccessible Online and Educational Media: Research, Development and Standards (T230A)
Leilani Johnson, Ed.DUsing Technology to Deliver a Distance Education Program to Interpreters Working in K-12 Settings: A Model of Collaboration Between the Deaf Community, State Education Agencies, and a Post-Secondary Institution (T130A)
Sherri JuhasGoing the Distance to Meet the New York State Social Studies Standards (T130C)
Barbara KeefeDeveloping a Successful A-Team for Teaching ASL on a Broadband Network (T130B)
Mardi LoetermanTwo Streams of Captions for Children's Television (T10C)
Phil MackallTechnology in Education Can Empower Deaf Students - A Teacher Training Initiative (T230C)
James MalloryImplementing Video Streamed Instruction for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Online Learners (T11C)
James MalloryDigital Video Conferencing for Remote Tutoring/Teaching of Deaf Students (T330D)
Edward MineckNTID's High Technology Center: A model of a centralized, industry funded, cross curricular, multipurpose graphic media and publishing facility (T130E)
Robert PaineNew Accomplishments Using Voice Recognition for Captioning of Chemistry Videotapes Made During Regular F2F Courses. (T230B)
Kathy PongorAssessing Technology Intervention: Results from the TecEds Project (T330C)
Howie SeagoWashington State's Shared Reading Video Outreach Project: Learning Via Interactive Videoconferencing (T330A)
Duane SmithCART in the Classroom: How to Make Realtime Captioning Work for you (T10B)
Rosemary StifterImpact of SMART Boards on Learning Instruction (T10A)
Josara WallberTechnology to Support Visually-Impaired Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Students (T10D)
Debra Wilcox HsuPEPNet Online Training for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Preparing for College Success (T11A)
Marsha YoungNTID's Educational Technology Resource Room A Supportive Environment for Acquisition and Application of Instructional Technologies (T10E)
  Poster Sessions
Gerald BerentA Web-Based Initiative to Infuse English Across the Curriculum for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (T4P)
Robert EdgeVirtual Reality Education for Assisted Learning (VREAL) (T15P)
Lori ElliottVideo Communication System (T2P)
Geoff FreedDemonstration of MAGpie 2.0 software for creating captions and audio descriptions (T5P)
Ken KurlychekWhat's Worthwhile on the Web (T6P)
Brad MoseleyCreating Age-Appropriate Instructional Materials for Deaf Students with Minimal Language Skills (T7P)
Dana PerezACCESS: Applying Computers Creatively to Enhance Student Skills (T9P)
Geoffrey PoorAmerican Sign Language Dictionary and Inflection Guide (T12P)
George PotanovicBring Your Camera on the Road to New York State Standards (T8P)
Mark RustSocial Studies and the Internet (T10P)
Barbara StrassmanThe Write Technology (T1P)
Janet TerryDeaf President Now Interactive (T13P)
Denise WarrenOnline Bookclubs Using Free Internet E-Boards (T3P)

Wednesday June 27, 2001
  Formal Sessions
Tsutomu ArakiUse of Multimedia and Computer Networks to Facilitate Educational Collaboration for Deaf Students at Tsukuba College of Technology, Japan (W10C)
E. William ClymerNTID's Instructional Technology Consortium (W11D)
Bryce FifieldRealtime Remote Online Captioning: An Effective Accommodation for Rural Schools and Colleges (W11C)
Thomas E. GraysonKnowing and Understanding Transition: Its History, Barriers and Future (W9A)
Kenneth NashProject Access: Use of Computer Technology at Hungarian Schools for the Deaf (W10A)
Kenneth NashProject Access: Use of Computer Technology at Hungarian Schools for the Deaf (W11A)
Jeffrey PorterSymposium Recommedations (W130)
Mark RustVirtual High School: on-line electives for a small student body. There is power behind choices. (W10D)
Donna SorkinAssistive Technology and Learning: It Works AND It's the Law (W11B)
Simon TingVirtual Classroom: Web-Based Remote Teaching & Small-Group Tutoring in Real Time (W10B)

Thursday June 28, 2001
  Workshop Sessions
Don BeilWeb Development with FrontPage 2000 (WS6)
Paula BrownFacilitative and Assistive Technology to Improve Communication and Communication Access (WS1)
Christine MonikowskiE-Learning Possibilities (WS2)
Debra PoeMicrosoft Word (WS5)
Rick SimpsonIntegrating Digital Video Technology into the Curriculum (WS4)

Friday June 29, 2001
  Workshop Sessions
Kathleen Eilers-crandallStrategies for Using Technology to Support Classroom Instruction (WS9)
David HazelwoodEffective Presentations Using PowerPoint (WS7)
Ed MineckDigital Imaging Essentials (WS8)