An International Symposium
Technology and Deaf Education

Exploring Instructional and Access Technologies

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Wednesday June 25, 2003
  Formal Sessions
Azra AkhtarA Study of Interactive Media for Deaf Learners in Post 16 Education (W3A)
Ivar BabbThe Classroom of the Sea - Technologies Bringing the Sea to the Classroom (W2B)
Linda BurikActive Learning Through Technology: Creating a Technology-Infused Environment to Actively Engage Deaf Students in the Learning Process (W10C)
Patricia DeCaroOnline Design: Access for Deaf Students (W11D)
Lisa ElliotWhat's New with C-Print? (W10B)
Rebecca HermanCollaboration of Deafness Specialists and Instructional Technologists in Postsecondary Settings (W3D)
Ronald HolmesToward a Learner-Centered Multimedia Learning Environment: The DLSU-College of St. Benilde Experience (W2C)
Harry LangEvaluation of Virtual Asynchronous Resources for Teacher Education (W11C)
Pamela LuftRound One: Results from the Pilot Testing of a Technology Skills Assessment for Middle- and High-School Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (W2D)
Douglas MacKenzieDigital Video Conferencing in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Instructional Environments (W11A)
James MalloryCareer and Technology Learning Outcomes with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing High School Students from a Single Activity (W3B)
Vicki RobinsonUsing Interactive Physics Software With Deaf College Students (W2A)
Danny RoushProviding Sign Language Access to Digital Information Using 3D Animation Technology: An Overview (W10D)
Susan SchatzTechnology and Literacy (W3C)
Barbara StrassmanPlanning and Implementing Effective Interactive Television Sessions (W11B)
  Poster Sessions
Tsustomu ArakiThe Use of Videoconference Technologies Between International Universities Serving Deaf Students (W02P)
Ronald BrouilletteTransferring Empowering Technologies In Deaf Education Through Higher Education Institutions in Developing Nations (W03P)
Michael BurtonYou Betcha! (W04P)
Margaret ChastelEnhancing Writing Skills Through Student-Generated Captions (W05P)
Elizabeth DiGelloIncreasing Teachers' Understanding of Dual Language (ASL/English) Use in the Classroom: Content and Exemplars Through Educational Technology (W06P)
Corinne HeschkeE-Learning Across Cultures: Is It Possible? (W08P)
Han MeiThe Application of Modern Distance Education in China's Postsecondary Education for the Deaf (W07P)
Olga OrechkinaTechniques for Meeting the Needs of Deaf Students in the Design of Shared Computer Laboratories at a Major Technical University in Russia (W01P)
Becky Sue PartonThe Interpreter Who Never Tires: Adding Animated Sign Translations to Student and Teacher Presentations (W10P)
Geoffrey PoorAmerican Sign Language Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide (W11P)
Melanie UpdegraffCaptioned Media Program Online Innovations (W12P)
  Plenary Sessions
Yohei SasakawaThe Growing Importance of Global Education Networks in the Age of Information Technology (W9A)

Thursday June 26, 2003
  Formal Sessions
Gerald BerentUse of Instructional Technologies to Train International Teachers of English to Deaf Students (T2B)
Patti DurrUsing NTID IdeaTools website for teaching about Deaf Art and Deaf Artists (T3A)
Kathleen GarlinghouseTeleconferencing: Meeting the Needs of Prospective Students (T2C)
Paula GrcevicUsing Online Courses to Create an Electronic Environment to Support Art and Graphic Instruction in the Classroom (T2A)
Vicki HansonWeb-Based Bilingual Instruction for Deaf Children (T2D)
Harold JohnsonJoin Together: A Virtual Professional Development School & Community of Learners for Deaf Education (T3D)
Qiang LiInternet-based Network Teaching and Learning Modes for the Deaf in China (T10A)
Loriann MackoTechnology in the College Search Process (T10C)
James MalloryPreferred Instructional Delivery Methods of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Remote, Online Learners (T3B)
Joan NaturaleConnecting Deaf Web Sites and ASL Classes (T3C)
Earl Parkse-Learning Renaissance: What It Takes (T11A)
Rico PetersonLearning to Learn American Sign Language (T11D)
Jennifer PowersDistance Learning Science Project for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (T10D)
Jillian SinclairHow NTID's Office of Admissions Reaches Prospective Students Using Available Technology (T11C)
Rosemary StifterMainstream Educational Software (It's Effective with Deaf Children, Too!) (T10B)
Rose Marie ToscanoThe Use of Web-Based Technology in Teaching Reading and Writing to Deaf Students (T11B)
  Poster Sessions
Pat BilliesRoles and Goals: The Impact of Role Models and Expectations on the Success of Individuals Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. NETAC introduces a Career Web site and Video Series! (T02P)
Linda BryantInteractive CD-ROM for Speechreading: The new DAVID (T03P)
Frank CaccamiseAdministrative Support Technology (AST) Sign Vocabulary CD-ROM Project: A Self-Instructional Sign Language Resource for Faculty, Staff, & Students (T04P)
Kay ClausenImproving Literacy With Technology Tools (T05P)
Sandor GaborThe "Gambo Show": An Instructional Multimedia Application for Hungarian Deaf Students (T06P)
Linda GottermeierAssessing the Effectiveness of a Web-Supported Course for Deaf College-Aged Students (T07P)
Jarinee IochawnaProduction of Educational Media to be Consonant with Deaf Culture in Thailand (T08P)
Phil MackallTecEds Project Provides Online Databases and Training Materials for Integrating Technology (T09P)
James MalloryVaried Multimedia Instructional Approaches for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Online Learners (T10P)
Joan NaturaleIntegrating Library Resources into an IdeaTools Academic Writing Course (T11P)
Valorie Smith-PethybridgeThe Interpreter/Captionist: Enhancing Support in English and ASL with Technology (T12P)
Alexander StanevskyA Multilevel Approach to an Integrated Curriculum in Engineering for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (T13P)
Hana UrychovaInformation and Advisory Services Provided to Charles University Students (T01P)
  Plenary Sessions
Alan ShawWhen We Let Our Minds Dance Together Nothing is Impossible (T9A)

Friday June 27, 2003
  Formal Sessions
Donald BeilTabletPC - The New New Thing - Demonstration, and Implications in Deaf Education (F11C)
James DeBeeDigital Video Production for Deaf Students (F11B)
Cindy KingDigital Video Applications for Online and Distance Learning in Deaf Education (F10B)
Myra PelzFaculty-Driven Technology Transfer: How NTID's Instructional Technololgy Consortium Brings Technology to the Classroom (F11D)
Duane SmithCART in the Classroom: Meeting the Communication Needs of Students Requires an Individual Approach (F10D)
Robert SternIn-Service Training Success Story: 20 Years in the Making (F10A)
Debra Wilcox HsuPEPNet E-Learning Transition Project: Gates to Adventure! (F11A)
Mei Yeh-KennedyShared Reading Project: Chapter by Chapter--The Thinking Reader (F10C)
  Plenary Sessions
Vinton CerfInternet Technology Evolution (F9A)

Monday June 23, 2003
  Workshop Sessions
ETRR staff Project-Based Open Lab (WS07)
Camille AidalaVideoconferencing (WS01)
Catherine ClarkCochlear Implant Technology (WS08)
David HazelwoodUsing Advanced PowerPoint as an Effective Teaching Tool (WS06)
Susan KellyMicrosoft Word for Educators (WS05)
Ed MineckDigital Imaging Essentials (WS03)
Troy OlivierIntegrated Digital Video Technology into the Curriculum (WS02)
Simon TingIdeaTools: Building Interactive Online Courses for Deaf Learners on the Web (WS04)

Tuesday June 24, 2003
  Workshop Sessions
ETRR staff Project-Based Open Lab (WS15)
Ken HoffmanAdobe Acrobat for Educators (WS14)
Donna LangeWeb Site Development (WS12)
Troy OlivierIntegrated Digital Video Technology in the Classroom (WS10)
Karen SnellCommunication Technologies (WS09)
Simon TingElectronic Portfolios (WS13)
Tony ToscanoDigital Imaging Basics (WS11)