An International Symposium
Technology and Deaf Education

Exploring Instructional and Access Technologies

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Monday June 27, 2005
  Formal Sessions
Gary AbernethyThe Computer Ate My VCR: Creating a Digital Media Lab for Use in Instruction (M1C)
Gerald BerentA Multimedia Instructional Design Model for Planning and Delivering Professional Development for Teachers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in the Czech Republic (M11C)
Nancy CastleIntegrating Technology Successfully (M1B)
Judy Egelston-DoddVideo-tutorials for Tech Sign Vocabulary in Astronomy (M11D)
Lori ElliottWeb-based Applications for Schools (M10B)
Chance GlennThe Sign2 Project: Translation of American Sign Language to Audio and Text (M1D)
Raymond GrosshansAn Online Technical Vocabulary Reference Tool for Deaf Students (M2B)
Harley HamiltonDigital Magic: Video for Enhancing Literacy (M11B)
Harold JohnsonClassrooms as Learning Portals: Teachers & Students as Learners (M10C)
Denise KavinSpeech-to-Text Services Network: A New Professional Organization (M10D)
Seungyon LeeUser-Centered Development of Gesture-Based American Sign Language Game (M2D)
Annette LeonardDemystifying Assistive Listening Devices (M2C)
Becky PartonThe Producer's Chair - Roles for Each Deaf Student! (M2A)
Hyung ShikPostsecondary Education for the Deaf in Korea (M10A)
Valorie Smith-PethybridgeProviding Real-Time Captioning in Math & Science Classes - It Can Be Done! (M1A)
Barbara StrassmanAuthoring with Video: Supporting Writing Through the Use of Word Processing and Digital Video (M11A)
  Poster Sessions
Tsutomu ArakiThe Use of Instructional Technology at Tsukuba College of Technology (M10P)
Cheryl BalkVirtual Reality Education for Assisted Learning Project: It Takes a Virtual Village... (M13P)
Guodong BaoPostsecondary Education for Deaf Students at Tianjin University of Technology (M08P)
Cindy CampCaptions! Captions! Everywhere? (M02P)
Chance GlennThe Sign2 Project: Translation of American Sign Language to Audio and Text (M12P)
Linda GottermeierUse of State-of-Art Technology in the Fitting of Digital Hearing Aids in Persons with Severe and Profound Hearing Loss (M01P)
Xu JiachengBeijing Union University Program for Postsecondary Deaf Students (M09P)
Maxim LevashovLogistics and Methods for Education of Deaf Students at BMSTU (M07P)
Donald SimsMultimedia Computer-Assisted Assessment and Auditory Training for Cochlear Implant Users (M06P)
Ninfa ViernesIntegrating Technology in the Classroom: the DLS-College of St. Benilde Experience (M11P)
  Plenary Sessions
Judith HeumannRecognizing Technological Advances Benefiting Individuals with Disabilities; and Acting as Agents for Change (M9A)

Tuesday June 28, 2005
  Formal Sessions
Donald BeilCreating a Book-on-Demand: Publishing a Workshop Planner's Guide for Promoting Classroom Access (T9A)
Pat BilliesI Can SEE What you HEAR! (T10D)
David BrewerTransQUAL Online: Improving Educational Outcomes for All (T9D)
A. Clark DenmarkBSL Tuition in the Hands of Deaf People - a BSL Academy (T10C)
Lisa ElliotC-Print and its Impact on Student Learners: Preliminary Findings from Students in Middle School Through College (T11C)
James FugateAccessibility of Online Based Material for Persons with Deafness (T9B)
Cynthia KingGallaudet Digital Archive Video for Education (DAVe) (T2D)
Marcia KolvitzGates to Adventure: Transition to Postsecondary Programs (T2B)
Venetta LampropoulouA Needs Assessment Study for the Use of Instructional Technology in the Education of Deaf Students (T1A)
Mari LilesTechnology Integration in the K-12 Classroom (T11A)
Saduf NaqviTesting the Effectiveness of Digital Representations of Sign Language with Children (T10B)
Earl ParksBlackboard Content System Expands Versatility of e-Learning Tools at Gallaudet University (T1B)
Shelley Popson ArdisResults of the "Join Together" Survey: Technology Use in Schools and Teacher Preparation Programs (T9C)
Patricia PritchardTeaching English as a Foreign Language in Norwegian Bilingual Schools (T11D)
Brent RobertsonAutomated Captioning of Online Web Casts: Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive (T1C)
Vicki RobinsonTeachers as Learners: Lessons Learned in Helping Teachers Develop Skills in Applying Instructional Technologies (T2C)
Jonathan SchullMultiChat: A Multi-Person, Browser-Based, Real Time Text-as -You-Type Chat System Designed to Facilitate Face-to-Face and In-Class Interaction Between Deaf and Hearing Students (T2A)
Rosemary StifterTechnology in the ASL/English Bilingual Classroom (T10A)
Stacey TateraFlex-Abilities: A New Twist on Instruction (T11B)
Rose Marie ToscanoEnhanced Reading/Writing Tutor: Hypertext Literacy Supplement for Deaf Students (T1D)
  Poster Sessions
Linda GottermeierPilot Development of Student Portfolios for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Enrolled in Freshman Seminar (T01P)
Rebecca IsaacUK and Indian schools learning together (T12P)
Daniela JanákováThe Language Resource Centre Project: Helping Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Blind Students at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (T10P)
Geoffrey PoorAmerican Sign Language Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide (T02P)
Patricia RahalewiczLOL: Learning On Line - A Notetaker Training (T03P)
Jan RichardsBuilding a Web of Sign (T06P)
Vicki RobinsonThe NTID Instructional Technology Consortium: Teachers Supporting Teachers in the Creative Use of Instructional Technologies (T04P)
Jitprapa Sri-oonBlending Technology and Sign Language at Ratchasuda College of Mahidol University, Thailand (T08P)
Wai Lan Gladys TangThe Nippon Foundation Asian SignBank (T11P)
Hana UrychováCharles University Information and Advisory Centre (T09P)
Zhong ZhanguoChangchun University: Doing the Math with PEN-International (T07P)

Wednesday June 29, 2005
  Formal Sessions
Pat BilliesAchieving Goals! Career Stories of Individuals Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (W10C)
Philip HyssongVoice-To-Text Translation - The Future is Remote! (W10D)
Phil MackallVCWeb - An Online Web Site Dedicated to the Use of Videoconference Technology with Deaf Students (W10B)
James MalloryBlended Learning Preferences for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing (W11D)
Kathryn PetersonTABLET: Toward a Boundless Learning Environment Tablet (W11C)
Shelley Popson ArdisASL Animations as Visual Supports in Language Arts (W11B)
Jan RichardsThe Educational Potential of the Signing Web (W11A)
Simon TingWeb-based Multimedia Tools for Integrating Sign Language Video and Web Content to Create Web-based Video Tutorials and Presentations (W10A)
  Workshop Sessions
Kathy Dollinger-MeyerElectronic Portfolios (W2)
Kenneth HoffmannAcrobat 7 - Forms, Commenting, and Annotations (W1)
Peter LalleyEmerging Technologies and Assistive Communication (W7)
James MallorySnagIt (W5)
Gail Rothman-MarshallUse of Free Online Tutorials and Electronic Classroom Resources (W3)
Denise StappenbeckOutsmarting the Technology: The Secrets Behind the SMART Board (W4)
  Plenary Sessions
Markku JokinenPositioning Ourselves for the Impact of Instructional Technology: 2005 and Beyond (W9A)

Thursday June 30, 2005
  Workshop Sessions
Karen BeiterPowerPoint 2003 (T5)
Stacy BickIntroduction to Video Editing (Post-Production) for Mac Users (T3)
Tony ToscanoDigital Imaging Basics Photoshop Elements 3.0 (T2)
Hope WilliamsDigital Video Basics for PC Users (T4)