An International Symposium
Technology and Deaf Education

Exploring Instructional and Access Technologies

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Monday June 23, 2008
  Plenary Sessions
Dr. Robert FrisinaTechnology and Deaf Education: Needs and Opportunities for Technology Infusion (M9A)
  Formal Sessions
Cindy CampMeaning-for-Meaning Speech-to-Text Services: A Better Understanding (M10E)
Marie DolezalovaFocusing on Differences between the Grammar Structure of English and Czech in the Process of Teaching Czech Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing University Students (M2B)
Sara HansenCreating English-to-ASL Translation Using PowerPoint (M1D)
Venetta LampropoulouThe Use of Communication Technology by Deaf People in Greece (M10B)
James MalloryHigh Frequency of Online Interaction Correlates to Classroom Satisfaction in Mainstreamed Classes (M1B)
Melissa McCarthyRIDBC Teleschool: Innovation in Remote Service Delivery (M2C)
Helena MitchellWireless Emergency Communications: Accessible Alerts for People with Disabilities (M11E)
Saduf NaqviArtificial Representations of Sign Language to Access Information: How Effective are They? (M11D)
Rachel O'NeillDeveloping a Bilingual Online Glossary of Science Signs: An Evaluation (M2D)
Ila ParasnisTransforming Deaf Education in India Through the Use of Technology: Possibilities and Challenges (M10D)
Jeremiah Parry-HillProviding Access in Web Conferencing Systems (M11B)
Benjaporn SaksiriLearning Computer with Virtual Sign Animated Pedagogic Agents (M1C)
Michael StarenkoEnhancing Interaction Between Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing Students Through Blended Learning (M11C)
Rosemary StifterBuilding a Community of ASL Signers with VoiceThread (M10C)
Simon TingVideo, Video Everywhere...Using Video in Teaching (M1E)
Hope WilliamsUsing Clickers to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement (M2E)
  Poster Sessions
Wang Ai-guoImplementing A Network of Higher Education for Deaf Students via Internet in China (M3PF)
Laura BraggiottiTechnical Signs in Context Program Series (M3PL)
Cheryl BriggsGames at Kool Kids Sign (M3PE)
Heaeun ChoiDeveloping a Web-Based Training to Support Learning: A Specialized Course for the Deaf in Korea (M3PD)
E. William ClymerA Status Report on the NTID Center for Access Technology (M3PA)
Joe DelulioCART: Global Learning One Word at a Time (M3PJ)
Robert HancockApplications for Physical World Hyperlinks in Maximizing Membership in the Inclusive Education of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (D/HH) Students (M3PH)
Chunyan LiThinking on the Internationalization of Network Education for the Deaf (M3PC)
Becky Sue PartonLouisiana Initiative for Technology Exploration with the Deaf (M3PI)
Geoff PoorASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide: The Online Version (M3PB)
Richard SchatzbergEmpowering Deaf Professionals through Video Interpreting (M3PG)
Alexander StanevskyReport on PEN-Russia Program (M3PK)

Tuesday June 24, 2008
  Formal Sessions
Stephen AldersleyTechnology & Foreign Language Instruction for Deaf Students (T2E)
Sadaqat AliAdapting Learning Materials to Support the Language Acquisition of Black Minority Ethnic Deaf Individuals (T1C)
Pat BilliesiTransition--a FREE PEPNet Online Resource! (T1B)
Gola BurtonDeaf Students at GSD Benefit From Interactive Technology! (T11B)
Cathy ClarkeMultimedia Lessons by the Design Novice: Creating Multimedia Lessons with Web 2.0 Resources (T1E)
David CocoEstablishing an Infrastructure for a Successful Visual Communication Network (T9D)
Yao DengfengStudy and Development of Simulation Teaching Platform for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students (T11D)
Lisa ElliotAdapting Tablet PC Technology as a Support for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (T9B)
Paula GrcevicOnline Glossary of Art and Design Terminology Utilizing Voice-Interpreted/Captioned Sign Language Videos and Visual Images in a Multimedia Format (T2B)
Jason HurdichUtilizing Lifelike, 3D Animated Signing Avatar Characters for the Instruction of K-12 Deaf Learners (T10D)
Denise KavinDeaf Professionals in Education and Social Services: How the Use of Technologies has Affected Their Career Mobility Experiences - An Anecdotal Study (T1D)
Peter LalleyAn Analysis of Text Generation and Information Display Methods (T10E)
Gene LylakRemedial English Vocabulary and Grammar Software via the Internet (T2D)
Todd PaganoComputer Mediated Communication in the Classroom: Pedagogic Applications of AIM (T11X)
Becky Sue PartonVision 3D: Digital Discovery for the Deaf (T9E)
Jeff PorterNTID's Sprint Relay Experimental Distance Learning/Access Demonstration Lab: A Catalyst for Innovative Outreach (T11W)
Jan RichardsSignlinking 2.0 (T11C)
Rosemary StifterWildcat News 43: Incorporating Technology, Academic ASL and English, and Creative Thinking into the Classroom (T10C)
Paruhut SuphajanyaWeb-Based Instruction on Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People (T2C)
Brian TragerInstructional Software Tool: A Visual Learning Approach to Conceptual Barriers (T9C)
Karen WalkerAccessible Media Policies: Creating, Implementing and Sustaining them in Higher Learning Environments (T10B)
Sharron WebsterUsing Current Technology to Support and Improve Mathematics Instruction (T10X)
Sharron WebsterUsing Current Technology to Support and Improve Mathematics Instruction (T9X)
  Poster Sessions
Anna CavenderA Consolidated Platform to Promote Accessibility in Mainstream Classrooms (T3PB)
Jinseok ChangThe Status of Postsecondary Education for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Students in Korea Nazarene University (KNU) (T3PF)
Ka Yiu ChengUsing Classroom Management Software in Teaching Deaf People Computing Skills (T3PH)
Rubylee De CastroBridging the Distance: The Use of Videoconferencing for Faculty Development (T3PE)
Richard LadnerASL-STEM Forum (T3PA)
Dave MillerEngaging Students with Educationally Relevant Social Networking (T3PK)
Nicole MontagnaInstructional Technologies and Sign Language Interpreter Training: The Transition from Analog to Digital (T3PI)
Dagmara Nowak-AdamczykThe Role of Assistive Technologies in a Process of Internalization of the Language System: Multimedia Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages by Students with Hearing Difficulties at the Jagiellonian University (T3PM)
Li QiangThe Discussion about the Deaf University Teaching Mode under the Framework of Constructing Information Technology (T3PC)
Vincent SamarThe National Center for Deaf Health Research Health Survey: Demonstration of a Linguistically Accessible Health Surveillance Instrument for Deaf Communities (T3PL)
Mayumi ShirasawaEnhancing the Accessibility of Postsecondary Educational Institutions in Japan (T3PD)
Araki TsutomuMutual Exchange Program between Tsukuba University of Technology (TUT) in Japan and Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in Russia (T3PN)
Victor VodounouDevelopment of Sign Language Materials for Deaf Students in Third World Countries: A Scientific and Technical Approach (T3PJ)
James WoodwardThe Development of Sign Language Dictionary and Related Resources in Vietnam (T3PG)

Wednesday June 25, 2008
  Plenary Sessions
Dr. Antti RaikeUniversal Design by Open Collaboration (W9A)
  Formal Sessions
E. William ClymerReport on the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Cyber-Community Summit (W10D)
Marc MarscharkDo Deaf Students' Visuospatial Abilities Give Them an Advantage in Multimedia Classrooms? (W11C)
Ila ParasnisImproving Deaf Students' Access to Technical Education and Intercultural Communication through Online Learning (W11D)
Patricia RahalewiczNotetaking Strategies -- The What, Who and How (W11E)
Simon TingVideoconferencing Using Open-Source Software: Building a Proof-of-Concept Platform for Communications and Distance Learning (W10B)
Scott WhitneyMocap ASL in the Sciences: Results and Future (W10E)
Minoru YoshidaPEN-International: Fostering International Projects with Instructional and Access Technologies (W10C)