An International Symposium
Technology and Deaf Education

Exploring Instructional and Access Technologies

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Monday June 21, 2010
  Plenary Sessions
Mark Leddy Plenary - Advancing the Careers of Students in Science and Engineering (M930A)
Yohei Sasakawa Plenary (M9A)
  Concurrent Sessions
Nicoletta Adamo-VillaniAccessible Mathematics for Young Deaf Children (M3B)
Jeffrey BighamAudioWiz - Mobile Retroactive Audio Transcription and Description for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals (M10B)
Anna CavenderClassInFocus: An Online Multimedia Conferencing Platform for Improved Access to Mainstream Classrooms for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (M2C)
Derrick CogburnGoing Global, Locally with Cyberlearning: Lessons Learned for Accessible Cyberinfrastructure©:Enabled Knowledge Communities from a Decade of Cross-National Global Virtual Learning Teams (M10C)
Marie DolezalovaLeonardo Project Transfer of Innovation, DSigns - Online Training System for British, Czech, Cypriot, Greek, Irish Sign Languages in the Workplace (Czech experience) (M3D)
David FourneyMusic Visualization (M11B)
Chas JohnstoneDemonstration of the Presentation and Access Technologies in Classrooms, Conference Rooms and Labs at NTID (M2A)
Cindy KingBilingual Web Conferencing with Multi-Party Videos (M1A)
Richard LadnerASL-STEM Forum: An Online Video Forum for Discussing ASL for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (M1D)
Peter LalleyEnhancement of Educational Access Through Emerging Technologies: Real Time Text Generation and Unified Information Display Methods (M11A)
Mari LilesCreating 21st Century Classrooms, Students, and Teachers (M11C)
Tracy MaginOpen Source, Open Minds (M10D)
Helena MitchellMobile Alerting for Persons Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (M10A)
Tony NaturaleRemote Captioning/Notetaking in NYC: Synergetic Use of Current Technologies (M2D)
Eric PylkoConnect, Communicate, Collaborate (CISCO TelePresence) (M3C)
Miriam Santana-ValadezChecking for Students' Understanding in the Math Classroom: From Clickers to TI-Navigator (M2B)
Patrick SmithSocial Networks: An Introduction to Social Networking and Your Accessible Web Presence (M1B)
Michael StinsonSupporting Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Mobile Learning Situations with Captioning (M1C)
Emily WhitesideSigned Multimedia Storybooks: Interactive Vocabulary Instruction (M3A)
Joong-o (Kevin) YoonThe Effects of Closed Captions on an Online Content on Deaf Students: Content Comprehension, Cognitive Load, and Motivation (M11D)
  Poster Sessions
Linda BryantRemote Tutoring: An Action Research Project (M4PE)
Paul CarlsonPortable Alert/Communications Technology System for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (M4PK)
Robert HancockOverview of 3G Mobile Phone Video Conferencing Technologies (M4PG)
Rebecca IsaacTeaching Deaf Students in India (M4PM)
Min-Chi KaoA Preliminary Study on Eye Movement between Expert and Novice in Learning Sign Language (M4PL)
Regina Kiperman-KiselgofWeb-based Interactive Video Application as a Strategy for Employment of Deaf Professionals (M4PA)
Salimah LaForceAccess to Mobile Emergency Alerting (M4PD)
Eugene Lylak A Web Site for Independent Vocabulary Practice (M4PO)
Jane NunesOn-Line Resources Designed to Enhance Access and Support Services for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (M4PH)
Sharon Pajka-WestBlogging: an Effective Tool for Academic Writing (M4PC)
Ila ParasnisThe First Sign Language-Based Test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (M4PF)
Vincent SamarAn Interactive Computerized Sign Language Health Survey for Deaf Adults: Interface Design and Functionality (M4PI)
George SlackDynamic Keyboard (M4PP)
Michael StinsonEffectiveness of Notetaking and Captioning for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Students with Tablet PCs (M4PN)
Simon TingIdeaTools: Building Online Courses with Integrated Video Communications and Social Networking Capabilities (M4PJ)
E.W. Clymer Welcoming Remarks (M830A)

Tuesday June 22, 2010
  Concurrent Sessions
Benjamin CavalettoIn Our Hands: The Future of Translation of Frozen Texts to Sign Language (T11B)
Ka Yiu ChengAsian SignBank (T3B)
Cathy ClarkeUsing Social Networking Techniques to Enhance Learning for Deaf Students Online (T10A)
David CocoVideo Relay Service (VRS) and Deaf Education: A Panel Discussion (T1C)
Jeffrey CouglerAmerican Sign Language Finger Challenge (T1D)
Angela ForemanUse of the iClicker in an NTID Biotechnology Course (T8D)
Laura FrankUsing Technology to Support Learning for the College Student with Hearing Loss: From Services to Support the Sign Language Users to Services to Support the Oral Communicator (T8C)
Ellen HibbardAnswering a PhD Qualifying Exam in ASL: One Person's Experience (T11D)
Philip HyssongRemote Services -- What to Do and How to Do It! (T10C)
Stephen JacobsOLPC (One Laptop Per Child)/Sugar Video Chat Enhancements for Deaf Communication and Education (T3C)
Daniela JanakovaBuilding Creative Thinking, Reading and Writing Skills of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Blind Learners (T9D)
Barbara KeefeRemote Interpreting in Rural School Districts (T11A)
Aaron KelstoneUse of Visual Communication tools Inside of Distance Learning (T9B)
Raja KushalnagarEmpowering Mainstreamed Deaf Students with Multiple Video Perspectives (T1B)
Donna LangeDeveloping a Resource Center for Advancing Technological Education for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (T9C)
Loriann MackoEnglish Splash! a Teaching English Online Resource (T1A)
Jonathan MillisDrupal: Making Websites Easy to Manage (T3D)
Steve NelsonmyAccess: A Web-Based Data System Supporting Access Services at RIT (T11C)
Chirapa NiwatapantAssessing Computer Knowledge Using Video-Based Signer Compared with Examination Text-Based (T2D)
Becky Sue PartonLAMBERT Grant: First Year Results of Using RFID Technologies to Facilitate Tangible Learning Interactions for Deaf Pre-Schoolers (T2B)
Nikolay PustovoyCurrent Trends of the Professional Education of the Persons with Disabilities in Russia (T8A)
Benjaporn SaksiriSign Language Terminology with Multimedia in Computers and Communication Education Context (T2C)
Mayumi ShirasawaAccess Technologies in Japan: PEPNet-Japan Training Workshop for Access Technologies (T10D)
Maryellen SmolkaThe CUNY CART Initiative: Fostering Success and Raising Student Achievement through Technology (T9A)
Kathy TarelloWikis and Blogs as Schoolwide Tools (T10B)
Gerard WalterUsing the NCES Data Analysis System (DAS) to Answer Questions Posed by Constituents (T3A)
James WoodwardThe Dong Nai Project: A Case Study in High Quality, Low Cost, Low Tech Deaf-Centered Bilingual Education (T8B)
Marsha YoungExperimentation with Classroom Capture (T2A)
  Poster Sessions
Tsutomu ArakiUtilization of 3D Modeling for Mechanical Drawing Education (T4PG)
Guodong BaoHighlighting Our Own Characteristics to Develop High-Quality Higher Education for the Deaf (T4PE)
Theresa De la TorreAssessment of Faculty Competency in the Integration of Instructional Technology in the Classroom at the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (T4PP)
Marie DolezalovaPresenting Charles University, Faculty of arts, Language Resource Centre Outputs (T4PS)
Igor EgorovInteraction of the University's Subdivisions at Realization of Web-based Learning Technology of the Deaf (in Russia) (T4PK)
Radka FaltinovaAll-in-One - Structure of Services for Hearing-Impaired University Students (in Czech Republic) (T4PD)
Chenguang FuThe Status of PEN-International in Beijing (T4PF)
Gail HydePlanning a Virtual Alliance for Deaf and Hard of Hearing STEM Students at the Postsecondary Level (T4PA)
Elena MartynovaPre-university Preparation Courses For People With Disabilities (T4PQ)
Valentina ParubinaEducational and Information Technologies in Vocational Training for Auditory Handicapped Students at the Academy of Management (TISBI; Kazan, Russian Federation) (T4PJ)
Xingzhi SunThe Exhibition on the Achievements of Higher Deaf Education of Changchun University (T4PM)
Xinmin YangA Brief Introduction to Chongqing Normal University (T4PO)
Zhongzhou UniversityIntroduction to Zhongzhou University's College of Special Education (T4PN)

Wednesday June 23, 2010
  Concurrent Sessions
Shelley ArdisUsing Distance Learning Tools to Connect Students, Parents, and Staff (W11C)
Patti DurrVisual Stories of Deafhood (W9A)
Miriam LernerThe Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox: The Evolution of Poetry in American Sign Language (W8B)
Gary LongLink Between Online Course Enrollments and Academic Achievement (GPA) of Deaf Students in Mainstream Settings (W9C)
James MallorySecond Life® as a Learning Tool (W10D)
Dagmara Nowak-AdamczykMultimedia Training courses vs. Social Discrimination: A Key Issue in a Process of Raising deaf/Deaf Awareness Among Academic Teachers (W8C)
Mary Beth Parkere-Portfolio for Work Force Readiness (W9B)
Becky Sue PartonForeign Sign Language Survey: Connecting Deaf Teens through On-line Learning (W10B)
Sharaine Rawlinson RobertsCART: Bringing the Spoken Word to Veterans and Others with Hearing Loss (W10A)
Ben RubinEnhancing the Notetaking Support Process: Utilizing Graphic Notes and New Technologies (W11A)
Nora ShannonStructured Online Academic Reading (SOAR): Enhancing Reading Comprehension and Learning through Embedded Definitions, Pictures, Videos and Questions (W8D)
Simon TingIntegrating Video Communications Processes in Online Courses to Enhance the Learning Experience of Deaf Students in Online and Distance Learning (W11D)
Rose Marie ToscanoBeyond Academic Writing: Web 2.0 Social Networking and Self-Publishing Technologies in the Writing Classroom. (W8A)
Alexey VolkovPrototype of Surdo-Portal for Education and Method Support of Inclusive Professional Education of People with Disabilities (W11B-1)
Alexey VolkovAn Electronic System for Personal Registration of the Use of Rehabilitation and Education Resources by Students with Disabilities at BMSTU (W11B-2)
Kevin WilliamsStudent Assessment: Using CAIT (Communa Advanced Interpreter Training) Technology to Provide Visual, Audio and Print Feedback (W10C)