News and Information for Osher Members

Welcome Back!
September 15 - 19

This Week...
Thursday, September 18th, 12:15 – 1:30pm (NEW TIME)
Pfaudler Lecture Series
Divided: The Perils of our Growing Inequality, presented by David Cay Johnston, journalist, author and lecturer, in Classroom #3/4

Planning Ahead...
Monday, September 22nd, 9:30 – 11:00am
One-Session Course
Laugh and Learn, presented by Steve Lambert, in Classroom #1

Thursday, September 25th, 12:15 – 1:30pm
No Pfaudler Lecture (in observance of Rosh Hashanah)

Monday, September 22nd
News & Events submission deadline!

Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept 30th & October 1st, 12:50pm
New Member Orientation, location TBA
We encourage all new members to attend this informative 30-minute meeting either on Tuesday OR Wednesday. Refreshments will be served.

Monday, October 20th
Winter Course Proposals Due (Yes, already!)

Ride-share Board
Need a ride to Osher? Can you provide rides for other members? Let staff know and we can post the info on our Ride-share Board, located in the hallway by the copier room.

Add / Drop Forms
Members can add or drop a class at any time during the term by filling out an Add/Drop form, found on the table in the lobby by the bulletin boards near the women’s restroom, and also in the new bins just inside the door of each classroom.

Osher Calendar is Online
All Osher meetings, term dates, one-sessions, Pfaudlers, and more events are always current on our online calendar at

In Case of Emergency
Please note that Emergency Action instruction signs are posted throughout the building, including in each classroom. If needed, an AED is located in the kitchen near the closet doors.

Please silence your cell phones & cover your coffee cups!

At the request of Rivers Run, please do not park in front of their main entrance, and take your lunch break in the Osher-designated area of the dining room (the tables without tablecloths).

Please be considerate and don’t use the chairs reserved for the mobility-impaired members who need them. Thank you!



F04: Current Events

F12: Events that Changed History
F17: Geography Matters in the 21st Century
F19: You Be the Critic: A Film Discussion Group
F23: The New Yorker Magazine Discussion Group
F24: Poetic Visions (session I)

F26: Magnificent Mathematics
F30: Health Care Policy in Four European Countries and the U.S.
F31: The History of New Netherlands and the Colony of New York
F32: Presidential Leadership: The Modern Era, 1912–1960
F33: Shakespeare’s Macbeth
F37: How to Listen to and Understand Great Music

F39: Great Museums of America: Five Museums Along the East Coast Amtrak Line
F40: Life and Times of Michael K and Disgrace, both by J. M. Coetzee (session I)
F42: World War I, "The Great War"
F43: From Vladimir Lenin to Vladimir Putin: Communist Russia, 1917 to the Present

F49: The Skeptic’s Guide to American History: Part I

9/16 ONLY: F20, Current Topics in Science and Technology
9/17 ONLY: F25, Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
9/18 ONLY: F44, Good Golly! It's Bolly! (make-up class on 12/4)