News and Information for Osher Members

Summer Term
July 6 - August 26

Planning Ahead

Tuesday, august 25th  

  • Fall Course Registration – Opens at 10 am.


Important to Know:
  • Please use the microphones! The Listen system can be used by anyone (not just those with hearing aids!) – think of it as “individual volume control.” However, the system can’t work for you and your fellow classmates if you don’t use the microphones! Please be considerate and make sure to pass the mic in class. Thanks!
  • Classroom Safety: Safety is the number one responsibility of each Osher member whether or not we use canes, walkers, wheelchairs, or any other mobility assisting devices. Please be sure all of your appliances or other personal belongings are not blocking doorways or aisles. If you move your chair into an aisle, please move it back. Please do not add chairs to the open space in the back of Classrooms 3 & 4. Thanks.
  • Ride-share Board: Need a ride to Osher? Can you provide rides for other members? Let staff know and we can post the info on our Ride-share Board, located in the hallway by the copier room.
  • Add / Drop Forms: Members can add or drop a class at any time during the term by filling out an Add/Drop form, found on the table in the lobby by the bulletin boards near the women’s restroom, and also in the new bins just inside the door of each classroom.
  • Osher Calendar is Online: All Osher meetings, term dates, one-sessions, Pfaudlers, and more events are always current on our online calendar at
  • In Case of Emergency: Please note that Emergency Action instruction signs are posted throughout the building, including in each classroom. If needed, an AED is located in the kitchen near the closet doors.


Su01M Current Events
Su03M Current Topics in Science and Technology
Su05M The New Yorker Magazine Discussion Group