News and Information for Osher Members

November 22 - January 1
Winter Break: November 22 – January 1

Planning Ahead

Spring Course Proposals Due                                           
Monday, January 19th

Reserved Seating for Mobility-Impaired Members
If you are sitting in a seat designated for wheel chairs or walkers, and someone with a walker or wheelchair comes into class, you MUST move and give your seat to them, as per the Osher Emergency Action Plan. Please be safety conscious and considerate of our mobility-impaired members!

Always remember to cap your cup and silence your cell phone!!

Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever?!
If you’re sick, please stay home until you are fully recovered to keep from infecting others. And consider getting a flu shot if you haven’t already. Stay healthy everyone!

Did You Know???
There’s a Lost and Found box in the kitchen next to the file cabinet filled with cups, notebooks, binders, glasses, and other lost items. Check it—you may find something that belongs to you!

Ride-share Board
Need a ride to Osher? Can you provide rides for other members? Let staff know and we can post the info on our Ride-share Board, located in the hallway by the copier room.

Add / Drop Forms
Members can add or drop a class at any time during the term by filling out an Add/Drop form, found on the table in the lobby by the bulletin boards near the women’s restroom, and also in the new bins just inside the door of each classroom.

Osher Calendar is Online
All Osher meetings, term dates, one-sessions, Pfaudlers, and more events are always current on our online calendar at

In Case of Emergency
Please note that Emergency Action instruction signs are posted throughout the building, including in each classroom. If needed, an AED is located in the kitchen near the closet doors.


W01M - The American Revolution and the French Revolution: Tom Paine and Edmund Burke
W13T - America in the Gilded Age
W16T - The New Yorker Magazine Discussion Group
W18T - Rivers Run Through Us: Great American Waterways
W22W - How to Listen to and Understand Great Music
W33Th - You Be the Critic: A Film Discussion Group
W37F - Star Trek