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Lead a Course

At Osher, courses are developed and led by members. No previous teaching experience is required, just a desire to share with others your knowledge or passion for a topic.

Courses are presented in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where there are no tests or other “measurement” criteria

Courses meet once each week and run for the full term or half term.

Members who wish to lead a course submit a course proposal form to the Course Offerings Committee. On this form you would describe the course, the text or materials that will be used, the type of instruction planned (i.e. lecture, discussion, seminar) and the number of classes. Click here to download the proposal form. Additionally, one can lead a One-Session Course; the One-Session Course proposal form can be downloaded here.

Course Proposals are reviewed prior to each term by the Course Offerings Committee. In keeping with the mission of Osher, course topics are primarily academically oriented. Prospective course leaders can take advantage of guidance or advice provided by seasoned leaders or Course Offerings Committee members.

Take a look at the current course schedule to see the wide range of topics being offered – then think about the course you would like to lead!

"You know when you get to your 70s and 80s you can begin to think that you’re not going to make much difference any more, among the people. But here, people are teaching classes that they never taught before. And they’re planning these trips…and they get on these committees and they try out new things."


In 2006, we became an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, joining a growing national network of more than 120 university-based centers for older learners.