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Come for the Courses, stay for the people! Thatís what happens at Osher. People come for the intellectual stimulation and challenge and discover along the way that there are friendships to be made and experiences to be shared.

Course Offerings

We offer 40+ classes each term covering topics such as the arts, mathematics and finance, history, current events, government, language and literature, science and technology and more. Courses are taught by the members for the members and are taught for the love of learning, but not for credit. Come to share your experiences with fellow members.

One Session Courses

Our One Session Courses are popular; submit your course proposals to osher.info@rit.edu today!

Many members use this opportunity to try leading a course with less of a time commitment.

One Session Course offerings are posted in the lounge. Why not come and check them out?


In 2006, we became an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, joining a growing national network of more than 120 university-based centers for older learners.