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College of Engineering Technology

College of Engineering Technology

Responsive, innovative, and responsible. These 21st century qualities help our students achieve rewarding careers based on the technological and service management offerings of the College of Engineering Technology (CET).

Whether it’s used in efficient production in manufacturing, protection of the environment, or the enhancement of customer service at a world-class resort, technology has a tremendous impact on the world today. That’s why RIT’s College of Engineering Technology offers a range of majors focused on the technological applications that improve product quality, streamline processes, and, in general, best serve consumers and suppliers alike.

Engineering technology

RIT’s College of Engineering Technology offers one of the largest varieties of engineering technology majors in the nation. Engineering technology professionals work in the engineering environment with designers and systems analysts in problem-solving teams. Our programs teach you to apply existing technology to manufacturing, communications, construction, environmental, packaging, and other engineering problems.

Designed with the aid of experts in the field, each of these majors meets the highest professional standards, and it shows. A national survey of industry experts has ranked RIT’s manufacturing engineering technology major among the top five in the nation, and our civil engineering technology students have excelled in design competitions with other universities.

Our programs combine academic experience with cooperative education, which allows you to gain up to 14 months of paid, professional experience in industry. The high job placement record for our graduates proves the value of this combination of school and employment. They find employment in such fields as manufacturing engineering, environmental engineering, telecommunications, and product engineering.

Environmental sustainability, health and safety

RIT’s bachelor of science degree program in environmental sustainability, health and safety will prepare you to help organizations move toward sustainability by assessing the impact of their activities, developing and implementing policies and practices, and complying with environmental laws and regulations. You will acquire an optimum mix of science, technology, and management skills that readies you for employment in a new and booming field. Graduates have an impressive record of success finding interesting jobs with competitive salaries.

This major features cooperative education experience, and co-op students, already qualified to take on responsibilities that may yet be unfulfilled in many organizations, have been welcomed by government agencies, nonprofits, and a variety of businesses.

International hospitality and service management

The majors and concentrations available in RIT’s School of International Hospitality and Service Innovation can prepare you for virtually any career in the hospitality industry, from travel consultant to food marketing representative to resort manager. All students complete 9 months of cooperative education in management-level training positions at such locations as Disney World, the Trump Taj Mahal, or The Breakers in Palm Beach.

The RIT Inn & Conference Center provides special living and learning opportunities for our hospitality students. The inn has more than 100 guest and meeting rooms that are open to the public and employs a number of RIT students in co-op positions. A portion of the inn also is used for student housing, offering a unique opportunity for hospitality students to reside in an actual hotel environment.

Packaging science

Every time you unwrap a new computer game, twist open a lipstick tube, or pop open a can of soda, you are dealing with packaging. Finding the best way to keep that lipstick case from cracking, make that game package inexpensively, and ensure that the soda can is recyclable is the job of packaging scientists.

Your education will combine classroom and lab preparation with co-op experience. Packaging science today presents extraordinary career opportunities for our graduates. As a packaging scientist with a bachelor’s degree from RIT, you’ll be a leader in a growing field that blends science, engineering, management, and sustainability.

Real experience, real value

In our top-of-the-line facilities, you’ll find telecommunications and embedded systems design labs, CAD/CAM systems, packaging and environmental testing equipment, an American Airlines SABRE reservation system, a student-operated restaurant, a hotel and conference center, and much more. Using the same equipment and operating in the same environments as professionals in these fields puts you ahead of the pack in the job hunt.

Cooperative education is either required or optional in all degree programs in CET, giving you the added advantage of valuable real- world experience. You’ll be an attractive catch for employers and demonstrate your value as soon as you start working. Digital, IBM, DuPont, GTE, Xerox, Motorola, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and the Environmental Protection Agency are just some of the prestigious employers that hire our students for co-op and permanent employment year after year.



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