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Finest Facilities

We’ve built our
whole world around
your ambitions.

RIT’s students have unmatched opportunities for hands-on learning, utilizing some of the most sophisticated classroom, laboratory, and studio equipment available anywhere.

The RIT campus

State-of-the-art campus

At RIT, we understand how technology enhances creativity and innovation. Our campus has the latest equipment, software, studios, laboratories, and conveniences—the tools you need to explore and excel. We help you utilize the latest technology and understand its impact on the world.

RIT is “wired”

There’s no question that we have a sophisticated, high-tech campus. The Princeton Review consistently ranks RIT among the most connected campuses in the country. Whether you’re in the classrooms, labs, residence halls, or public areas on campus, we provide free, direct, high-speed computing access that is hard to beat.

A welcoming, sustainable environment

RIT is much more than its high-quality academic facilities; it offers many welcoming spaces on campus. You’ll find vibrant locations for social and intellectual activity just about everywhere you look. The physical beauty of the campus comes from an interplay of natural and park-like settings with modern buildings, architectural features, and artwork prominently on display. Comfortable spaces throughout campus offer places to relax or work on projects and team assignments.

In addition, our community of more than 20,000 students, faculty, and staff has made a commitment to advance sustainability in all areas—in academic programs and research initiatives, in our campus operations and consumption practices, and in efforts to promote social sustainability within the RIT family. By making the campus more environmentally friendly and by engaging in and learning more about sustainable practices, we can take steps now to ensure that the campus, the Rochester area, and the greater world in which we live will be cleaner, healthier, and more livable tomorrow than they are today.

In short, you’ll find that our commitment to student success and sustainability is captured throughout the campus’s outstanding academic and community facilities.