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Saunders College of Business

Saunders College of Business

Innovate. Connect. Succeed. New markets, bigger profits, the global economy, and instant access to information have raised the stakes for everyone. Studying business in a university that blends technology, art, design, and science offers opportunities rarely found in other colleges of business.

To succeed in business, you’ll need to be a team player, strategist, and problem solver. You’ll need a global perspective and to know how to put the latest technology to work for you. The real-world programs in our Saunders College of Business combine teamwork and technology to ensure successful careers.

Freshman innovation sequence

Freshmen in the Saunders College of Business exercise their creativity and develop their innovative skills through the freshman innovation sequence, a series of three courses designed to take ideas from business concept to commercialization. The three courses­­—Business Ideas and Creativity, Business Plan Development, and Commercialization—give students a chance to understand what it takes to develop and implement winning solutions in today’s market. The three-course sequence culminates with business presentations to the RIT faculty, students, and invited guests. It is a chance for students to show off the work they have done during their first year at Saunders.

Components for success

The College of Business’s challenging and interactive programs give you the skills you need to be successful in your career. You will be exposed to a wide range of knowledge through liberal arts and science courses, core business courses, your chosen major, and cooperative education. You will have the chance to work in teams with students from engineering, information technology, art, design, science, and other diverse academic disciplines. The college offers seven undergraduate majors, and students who want to be on the fast track to success can choose an accelerated BS/MBA program to complete both degrees in five years instead of six.

Choose from seven majors

You can apply for admission to one of our seven undergraduate majors or choose our undeclared option and decide on your major during your first year.

Saunders’ major in accounting emphasizes both accounting theory and real-life practice. You may tailor your program to your interests and enhance your career prospects by choosing from a public accounting or management accounting option.

Capital markets, risk management, portfolio theory, international finance, forecasting, and budgeting—these are just a sample of the topics you will be exposed to in our finance major. Your course work and interaction with experts in finance will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities. You will join alumni who are portfolio managers, financial analysts, loan officers, and currency and securities traders.

As companies expand globally, they seek people with an awareness of cultural and political differences and an understanding of international competition and world markets. You will gain these skills and more in Saunders’ international business major. Our international business majors choose a co-major in accounting, finance, management information systems, management, or marketing. Proficiency in a foreign language is an integral part of the program, and so is cooperative education—a requirement that may be satisfied through foreign work experience, international experience with a domestic corporation, or study abroad.

E. Philip Saunders College of BusinessWith a degree in management you will gain an understanding of how organizations function and examine the issues of motivation, leadership, job design, group dynamics, and organizational structure. You will learn how to approach problems logically and make intelligent business decisions. The background you acquire will be adaptable to a wide range of organizations and careers.

In Saunders’ management information systems major, you will gain a thorough understanding of business fundamentals and computing technologies through a combination of classroom and real-world experiences. You will learn to use computers to solve business problems and to design systems that improve entire business operations. Career options include network design and admin­istration, applications programming, systems analysis and design, website development, and the management of large enterprise systems used in business and industry.

Our marketing major will provide you with knowledge of markets, consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing strategy. You will learn to identify customer needs and develop products, services, and programs to meet those needs. Creative and exciting employment opportunities are found in advertising, product management, professional sales, retailing, and marketing management.

Our major in new media marketing provides a thorough understanding of the photographic process as well as business. This major’s prime career opportunities include manage­ment and customer service positions with photographic manufacturers and retailers as well as other companies in the graphic media industry.

Minors complement your program of study. The college offers academic minors in six of the program areas above (accounting, finance, international business, management, management information systems, marketing), as well as in business administration, digital business, and a cross-disciplinary minor in entrepreneurship, which provides experiential learning as student consulting teams work with startup companies. Business students at RIT may select minors from other colleges as well.


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