Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS)

Excel Program

The MCAS Excel Program exists to support the over 1500 self-identified AALANA students served at RIT and to sustain relationships with students and colleges that will propel RIT.s institutional commitments to increased graduation and retention.

MCAS Excel is a critical resource structured to empower colleges in their strategic efforts to support at risk populations. All RIT students falling outside of the MCAS scholars program are identified as excel program participants and will be provided seamless support by the MCAS staff.

The Excel Program will maintain college level partnerships through two MCAS college partners. Rohan Palma serves as the representative to STEM colleges (KGCOE, COS, GCCIS, CAST) and Quinn Karley serves as the representative to non-STEM colleges (SCOB, CIAS, NTID*, COLA, WUSP).

MCAS representatives will provide the following services.

  1. Provide a quarterly .snapshot. of AALANA student progress to each dean and his/her representatives. This brief analytic report will leverage our team.s experience in identifying high risk students and share critical, actionable, data with the colleges
  2. Serve as a resource to faculty and staff developing strategies to retain at risk students
  3. Serve as a partner to college advising teams by supporting advisor training, and providing emergency assistance for AALANA students
  4. Function as a clearing house for communicating AALANA focused scholarship, research, and grant opportunities