Munson enthralled by Imagine RIT festival

Dave Munson “experienced the future” at the 10th Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival on May 6.

Two months prior to becoming RIT’s 10th president, Munson and his wife, Nancy, attended the university’s annual festival, which features nearly 400 exhibits. He chatted with many of the students who were showing their projects, ranging from the me park design to prosthetics for dogs to 3D-printing. And it wasn’t surprising that Munson, the former dean of the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, spent time talking with engineering students from RIT’s motorsports teams.

Munson’s first impression of the festival: “Very impressive ... What we observed at Imagine RIT was a whole lot of passionate students. Nancy and I spoke to many students who were just really focused in on what they wanted to do and what they wanted to get done. The students had a real strong sense of purpose and passion.”

Munson was also impressed that so many people from the Rochester community – typically 30,000 – visit the annual festival, which began in 2008. Munson was accompanied by RIT President Bill Destler, who conceived the idea of Imagine RIT to showcase the projects being done by RIT students, faculty and staff, and to illustrate both the creative and technical skills on campus. Munson said Imagine RIT is a great university tradition, which will continue on April 28, 2018.