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Steering Committee Charge

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee consists of representatives from all governance groups, administrative divisions, and major stakeholder groups.

The committee will design and coordinate an inclusive, collaborative strategic planning process that will include multiple opportunities in multiple formats for community participation at successive points in the process. Based upon the input yielded through the process, the Steering Committee will draft a new strategic plan for review by the community and ultimately approval by the trustees.

Specifically, the SPSC will:

  1. establish the planning context through a compilation of pertinent institutional data (including progress towards goals of the 2007 Strategic Plan), a scan of the external environment, and a review of best higher education strategic planning practices;
  2. design a strategic planning process built upon a series of community engagement opportunities and a calendar of planning milestones;
  3. develop and execute a two-way communication plan;
  4. charge and coordinate sub-committees;
  5. prepare a draft of RIT’s Strategic Plan 2015 for community review and trustee approval.

The first meeting of the Steering Committee will be Friday, November 22. The committee will operate between November 2013 and January 2015.