RITirees Award

Each year RIT honors members of the RIT Community who have demonstrated exemplary service. Qualifications and considerations include:

  1. Meritorious performance in primary area of expertise
  2. Significant activity in community service
  3. Contributions to RIT above and beyond the call of duty
  4. Outstanding record of student-centered service

Past Recipients:

2013 - Dr. Robert Frisina, Mr. J. Roger Dykes
2012 - Mr. Robert Keyser, Ms. Linda Sallade
2011 - Mr. Stanley Witmeyer, Mr. David Calman
2010 - Dr. Marvin Sachs, Mr. Richard Sterling
2009 - Dr. Peter Giopulos, Mr. James Papero
2008 - Joe Brown, Dr. V.V. Raman, Bob Day,  Barbara Letvin **
2007 - Dr. Albert J. Simone, Mrs. Carolie Simone
2006 - Mr. Dane Gordon, Cathy Whittemore
2005 - Dr. Mary Sullivan, Mr. Earl Fuller *
2004 - Dr. James Campbell
2003 - Dr. Robert Panara
2002 - Mr. Reno Antonietti
2001 - Mr. Alfred Davis
2000 - Dr. Paul Miller, Dr. Francena Miller
1999 - Dr. M Richard Rose

* In 2005, the RITirees Committee began conferring two annual RITirees Awards: one faculty and one staff.
** In 2008, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the RITirees Picnic and Award Ceremony, the RITirees Committee gave two faculty and two staff awards.