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Please be advised that all retirees can subscribe to the daily issues of News & Events online as provided by RIT’s University News Services. See this page for instructions:

What happened to paper mailings of News & Events? Please read the following article appeared in the December 2009 RITirees newsletter:

In August [2009] you received a postcard from us announcing changes to News & Events including a decrease in the number of issues per year, as well as a new name: The Athenaeum. Below is an article that explains the rationale behind this name selection:

From the Editors of The Athenaeum, University News, 01 Sept 2009

Athenaeum: What’s in a Name?
In deciding to reduce the number of News & Events print editions produced by University News from 19 to six, we understood the long-standing title, News & Events, no longer fit...The staff at University News searched for a title that describes the mission and tone of a new publication that allows for more in-depth storytelling. We wanted a title that was uniquely RIT, not the overused “Chronicle” or “Review” or “Times”. We wanted to instill pride and tradition on campus.

We went back to RIT’s roots with “Athenaeum,” the forerunner of RIT dating back to 1829. Col. Nathaniel Rochester and other Rochester community leaders founded the Athenaeum, an association “for the purpose of cultivating and promoting literature, science and the arts.” Later in the 19th century, the Athenaeum merged with Mechanics Institute, a school that provided technical training for skilled workers in industry. The name Rochester Institute of Technology was adopted in 1944.

Today the name Athenaeum describes the mission and tone our new publication. Merriam-Webster: 1) a building or room in which books, periodicals and newspapers are kept for use 2) a literary or scientific association, and from Wikipedia.com: Athenaeum is used in the names of institutions or periodicals for literary, scientific or artistic study.