Jean Marc "J.M." L. Allain
BS '03, Applied Arts & Sciences
Robert "Bob" A. Appleby
BS '88, Computer Engineering
Kirkland & Ellis
Eric P. Avar
BFA '90, Industrial Design
VP, Design Innovation
Nike, Inc.
Mark G. Barberio
BS '85, Business Adm Accounting
Markapital, LLC
William "Caleb" C. Barlow
MS '99, Manufacturing Mgt & Leadership
BS '95, Electrical Engineering
VP, Security
International Business Machines
Jeffrey "Jeff" William Benck
BS '88, Mechanical Engineering
President & CEO
Lantronix, Inc.
Susan Blixt Appleby
BS '88, Biotechnology
Peter C. Browne
U '64, Business Administration
President, Founder
PRB Wealth Management
Rebecca M. Brubaker
BS '93, Newspaper Operations Management
General Manager
Harlequin Inc
John H. Bruning
Retired President & CEO
Corning Tropel Corporation
Peter G. Bryant
86, Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan "Jon" I. Budington
BS '91, Graphic Communications
President & CEO
More Vang.
Erengul "Rose" Carmichael
BS '87, Industrial Engineering
CEO, President & Co-Founder
Virginia "Ginny" A. Clark
MS '08, Service Lead & Innovation
BS '06, Hospitality & Service Mgt
Sr. VP, Public Affairs
Constellation Brands, Inc.
Suzanne L. Clarridge
MBA '84, Business Administration
My Brands Inc.
Scott J. Condron
BS '87, Medical Informatics
Managing Dir., Retail Tech. Strategy
BlackRock Solutions
Dale J. Davis
BS '96, Mechanical Engineering
Executive Counsel, Intellectual Property
General Electric Power Systems
Ralph C. Derrickson
BT '81, Computer Technolgy-Software Science
Managing Director
RCollins Group, LLC
Christopher "Chris" David Edwards
BFA '97, Film & Animation
CEO/Creative Director
Third Floor Inc.
Kevin P. Gavagan
MBA '79, Business Administration
CFA, Principal & Portfolio Mgr.
QCI Asset Management, Inc.
James "Jim" A. Goff
MBA '91, Business Administration
President & CEO
Landsman Development Corporation
James "Jim" G. Gould
MS '85, Business Admin Accounting
Alesco Advisors, LLC
Warren Hern
MBA '79, Business Administration
East Bay Ventures
Holly M. Hillberg
MS '92, Electrical Engineering
Hilllberg Consulting
Tad J. Hunt
BS '97, Computer Science
Product Management
Google Inc.
Robert "Bob" W. Hurlbut
BS '84, Hotel & Resort Management
ROHM Services Corp.
Katie A. Linendoll
BS '05, New Media Interactive Development
Katie Linendoll Productions
Michael "Mike" Lutzky
BFA '92, Prof Photographic Illustration
VP, Bus. Dev.
National Public Radio
Thomas "Tom" E. Masaschi
BS '08, Marketing
Co-Founder/ Managing Partner
DHD Ventures
Richard "Dick" E. McDowell
President Emeritus
University of Pittsburgh
Gary A. Mendola
BS '85, Business Administration
Karen K. Oates
BS '73, Medical Technology
Professor, Biology & Biotechnology
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Leonard "Len" A. Parker
MS '78, Printing Technology
BS '76, Imaging Science
Parker Butler, LLC
Peter N. Parts
MBA '98, Business Administration Executive
President, CEO
Peter Parts Electronics
Wayne C. Plewniak
BS '83, Industrial Engineering
Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income
GAMCO Investors, Inc.
Venkat "Puru" Purushotham
MS '82, Imaging Science
BS '81, Printing Management
President, Owner
Jyoshan, Inc.
Jon L. Roberts
BS '70, Imaging Science
Sound-Project Designer
Great Falls Theatrics
Stacey R. Rychlewski
BS '85, Food Management
Sr. Portfolio Mktg. Mgr.
James "Jim" R. Salzano
BS '87, Business Adm Accounting
Stephen "Steve" L. Schultz
BS '89, Computer Science
Case Wallet Inc.
Theresa "Terri" A. Standish-Kuon
BS '88, Professional/Tech Communications
President & CEO
Independent Colleges of Washington
James "Jim" P. Swift
BS '88, Mechanical Engineering
President & CEO
Cortera Inc
Brad Ira Tuckman
BFA '95, Prof Photographic Illustration
Chief Brand Officer
Scales Gear
Clayton P. Turner
BS '90, Electrical Engineering
Deputy Dir.
NASA Langley Research Center
William "Bill" H. Turri
BS '62, Printing
Retired Deputy Public Printer
US Government Printing Office
Gregory "Greg" R. Westbrook
BT '81, Civil Eng Technology-Environmental
ClearCove Systems, Inc.
Tracy L. Yelencsics
BS '91, Electrical Engineering
VP, Global Mktg.
Conduent Inc.
Reuben Q. Zielinski
MBA '96, Business Administration Executive
BS '85, Electrical Engineering
Co-Founder, COO

President's Roundtable