Strategic Plan Implementation

Reviewing the Plan

The hard work of achieving our strategic goals and realizing our vision is conducted by the RIT community under the leadership of the president and vice presidents. In collaboration with their staffs and colleagues, the vice presidents are continually developing, modifying, and deploying those divisional strategies most likely to contribute to the overall success of the plan.

Imagine RIT is an insistent and hard-driving plan, but its framers recognize the need for flexibility in the implementation process. In the highly charged and changeable environment that is higher education in the 21st century, a strategic plan must be dynamic; as internal and external circumstances require, strategies will continuously adjust and evolve; goals may require re-thinking; and annual targets may be accelerated or modulated.

Two processes have been developed to assure such flexibility.

The Annual Review Cycle represented here lays out the process for adjustments and review as inextricable from the annual budget and performance review cycles.

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Adjusting the Plan

Adjustments made to the goals or targets of the plan must be approved by the Strategic Planning Committee of Trustees and the full Board of Trustees before being shared with the governance groups. The process for submission and approval modifications is represented by the following graphic.

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Progress Against Goals Scorecard
Progress Against Goals Charts: Version A
Progress Against Goals Charts: Version B
RIT and the National Rankings